Friday, May 19, 2006

Wake up. Can't focus my gaze. No concept of time. Hurry up. Stand up. "Yes pop, I'm here." Run, no time. Go to the septic. Run back, hurry. Fatigue. My eyes want to be closed. I can't support one more pain sigh from the kid in the next bed. Time to get the basin back. That stinky warm thing, needs to be cleaned up. A sigh in the background. Now I can return to my cozy floor. At least for now.

(2 hours later) Wake up. Can't fo...

How can I not laugh of life? Nurse asked some basic questions, and every answer opens more and more my brothers eye. Did he believed my dad was only a dad?? And I discover myself eating in the middle of the hospital. I just can't but smile. I got a free lunch. Yes, that place isn't clean but what could happen, an illness? :D