Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Monge - ke crees?
Yo - qué?
Yo - hoy viste una mujer de camino a ibm
Yo - y no sabes por qué
pero su mirada te cautivo
Yo - llevas toda la mañana pensando en ella
Monge - jejej
Yo - de hecho acabas de suspirar
Yo - y por tu mente sólo pasa un pensamiento
Yo - podría ser ella?
Yo - tu corazón palpita con ritmo extraño
Yo - a veces muy rápido como queriendo salirse
y a veces hace una pausa
Yo - como tomando aire
Yo - hay un poco de miedo ahí
Yo - peeeero
Yo - el estomago, ahí está la fiesta
Yo - qué es ese sentimiento?
Monge - jeje
Monge - deberias trabajar en mercadotecnia de NIke
Monge - :p

And don't know where all that came from... or I just dearly desire I didn't have a clue... *sigh*

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

It would have been good if unky moods were still around, then I would only add a feeling *sigh*. This thing I have had it since yesterday's afternoon. Netzach. I hope.
Anyway, some things relevant enough I should write about... mayan tarot, how shole really was surprised for her surprise party or how life is a joke, literally, sometimes. And yet, I won't, because I want to share an experience. One of those I should have added to my At least Once list, :) I went to watch "Lucha Libre", where? where else, of course in the "Arena Coliseo" =)
Imagine my Sunday afternoon, after knowing that most of my friends would wanna see the soccer game, sucks... so I decided, hell I'll make something unusual from my day. What should it be? Getting lost was the idea, until my phone rang. It was ivonne with a strange invitation.
When I was a child, I had a favorite fighter, it was Atlantis, the greatest of the technics side, ever after El Santo, I guess. Every Sunday I watched them all, and fought with my brother after... well not really, it was a play and I always won, being the older one. Anyway, as I drove to that place tons of memories raised. Half the way I was trying to convince her, that as it may turn to be a one-time opportunity why don't we go and sit in the first row? As near as possible to the "gladiators". I was tagged, nuts. She wanted to be in the second level, in a safe place. It was a homework after all, what brought us there. If you ask me, it isn't cheap at all that show, 70 pesos. Yet, we ended up very near the platform, in a corner, a safe place, really.
The show was kinda folkloric, but quieter than I expected. There were more kids and elders than I assumed a place like there would call for. Ivonne pointed out, that there were a lot of good looking girls with nice outfits and make up, as if trying to flirt in that place. Weird. Picture this, a grandma yelling will all she can "Muevete kbron! Muevete! Si serás pen..." Amazing. The fight itself was a wonderful ballet, these guys are professional trained to jump between ropes and turn around mid-air. The bad thing is that aftwer 4 battles it's kind of tiring. You have seen all their moves more than enough, and then it's just boring to see a guy pretending to be hurt from an obvious fake punch. Yet, the audience got more than enough luchadores above them, at least the guys in the first rows... maybe she was right not wanting to be crushed by a fat fighter. The place stank big time, as they say. Of notice, between the third and fourth fight, it hailed. Did I mentioned that we, of course, were under a rood, but those balls didn't thought such was an impediment :)
The show was over, and I had to say, that part of the city is like a basin. I had to drove trough more water than ever before, it's astonish how can Lucy, start in reverse, underwater :) I was so happy about it, that I was screaming the usual "Sí se puede!", accompanied with the usual fist move, trademark to be deployed... that I was unaware of the photographer, who thought it was worth a photo... Anyway, if you by chance see it, please, let me know it.

P.S: And yes, I will write about that sunday...