Saturday, June 19, 2004

Lucy is hurt. I feel so devastated, that's the problem when one humanize a car... No person got hurt, only my pride. I don't think it was my fault, yet I'm not sure. And as Allan said, if you don't know it's most probably yours... Bad things occur all the time, and people like me enough to tell me how to fix this mess. Yet, I couldn't tell them that I can't do what they wanted. Everyone proposed a simple white lie to say to the insurance people. I even think that the insurance people will tell me the same :S However I know that I will be responsible, and true to my way.

Is it worth the extra time, money? No one is gonna get hurt by this lie... You do remember that you are like -200 pesos low? 3 thousand is the estimate... The answer is still, I won't.

I didn't wake on time, unusual errors made 4 hours a waste to 4 people, I didn't breakfasted. This is almost like in CYS, "one less bad day in my life".

I wonder if I'll go to mazatlan :)

Friday, June 18, 2004

Last Wednesday I had a Trilemma, for I wished to be in three places at the same time. The three paths were, going to the Get Back, to the Meridiano 62 and to the Rojo Cafe. It was somewhat difficult to realize that going to the Rojo Cafe was the only way to be. What I'm saying is that even-though I had alternatives and there were perfectly valid reasons to go to any of these places, I knew that my ethics, if not my heart, told me to go with Padilla. I don't know if I can print the feeling of knowing that this person willingly left freedom for doing the right thing. It's special. I don't want my few readers to view this as a "I'm a victim". I'm talking about the fundamental fact that I for so long have fought to gain freedom, and yet I follow a strict ethic. Paradox is the way to do human nature.

There are films where you see what could've happened if the character had chosen different. And I'm sure in everyone I'ld have enjoyed the night. Yet, no other location (pe'i) would have let me do what I did there. I were casher, collecting money for good. Padilla and I talked about women (among other things). I viewed a good show, and finally I went about 3 hours straight stand up. You may wonder, what's the significance of being stand up for so long... My mom has an eight-hour stand up job. Of course, she eventually sits. Being a salesman is a hard job, not only you need a smile, or good interpersonal skills... Somewhen in this year I'll be a waiter...