Tuesday, August 01, 2006

There's a guy in the work, who's been there for more than 25 years. By almost all definitions he endows what engineers ought to be in this company. And yet, he has an aura of solitude. Maybe Jung was right, an the hermit is beyond frontiers. It's the way the earth circles. Anyway, allan and myself multiple times discussed if he sees us with the time perception of a wise old oak. Maybe he chose to not relate with fatuous beings.
Some days ago I was introduced to the new guy. And my first thought was, "don't relate, he's probably not staying." Nonetheless, I tried my best to help him in his first days; but jeez, I feel tainted by that reaction.
Beware memo, beware!

Monday, July 31, 2006

Focus Memo Focus. So many things to tell, to sketch...

Last weekend was... "wow" sounds cliché, creating words a la "fabulantastic" sounds cheap. "Awesome" won't even start...Soo let us call it, Tao. Forgive me, couldn't find another word. Friday night I don't even remember, not because of alcohol or anything, but because the shadow cast by Saturday.

We went to play Gotcha! The experience was better than I remembered. The pain was less, the action more. Two teams, 5 versus 6. In the first round I almost got the flag, but was shot in the back in the middle of my way home. Unfortunately, I didn't eat well, before the game, so I had to stop and rest, until I recovered my blood pressure. Alba and camilo got worried about my health :S Sorry for that guys.

Then we went to alba's debut as hair stylist. Really fun. I won't remember talc anymore as dull... :D And well, I could continue, but have other things to do. See you!