Saturday, February 19, 2005

This happened several days ago, but I want to keep a record here about that event. I discovered a person who doesn't like to walk bare-foot over the grass!! I know that to many this would sound as weird, and at the same time as odd. Weird, because most of us like it and odd, because what's the matter with it, shouldn't be big deal. As Monge told me, why is it important to you if I like chocolate ice cream or not? But here's the truth. That simple activity is for me so primordial that it makes me see you different. I asked Padilla, what would you do if you discovered that your girlfriend didn't like it? He was amazed. My answer is that I don't think I could like a woman who doesn't like it, that serious I am.

The good news is that I queried most of my friends and none other popped out to be of that kind. I felt pretty triste when I discovered about that person. I prefer not to reveal the name, out of sadness. I can't just imagine a good reason why not to like it. That person called me a dreamer for thinking that walking on grass has anything peculiar or important :S Come on Life! There are so few things that are intrinsically good and yet people are blind to them. One day I'll try to make her walk.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

This weekend has been quite a merry one. Full of new challenges, some I did surpassed, some I didn't; but in the end more than worth. In a way the weekend started the last Monday when I passed most of the day with Yorch. I ended the day telling him, "Okay, nice day but I don't want to see you again in days." Jeje, of course it was just a joke. He replied, "Okay, see you on Friday." There he told me that it was decided that the next weekend (really, this past) we were gonna play Age, once more. I was really happy to here about it. It's a game I enjoy maybe more than it is sane. Yet the moment I say "Bye", I realized how messed up it was. I declared it a distraction, that plan wouldn't help me achieve the plan I've worked for so long to get: find a good woman to love, and all that corny things all of us want.

Not long after I told Yorch that I wouldn't be able to attend that game, and I told him my reason. He comprehensively asked me, "well, then what are you gonna do?" "Don't know, but I'll do something".

Some may know that Tuesday it was Mariana's birthday, and that event give me the perfect excuse to do last Friday. In other words, be in her party =) There's were other two plans if that failed, but I chose it because of two things. It's Mariana, I owe her much and the second, that was a more-women-than-men party one ;) So sorry Padilla, you just don't have certain things, jeje. And let me state this at no moment was there more men in the table, and I'm counting the waiter, jeje.

That night was chilly but it made me no cold, I enjoyed meeting Mariana's friends, both men and women. Not so surprisengly I already "knew" many of them. It's as I mentioned her before, once we are out of the school, magic happens, suddenly all know each other. Guadalajara isn't so big a town, Alyn stated. We went to Zapopan, Tao, a bar. Cozy white sofas and a Tao martini makes perfect match. I talked a bit with Alyn, she is an engineer and has very good talk. The sort of people one can hear narrating their point of view of the world for hours. Articulated, that could be the word. Then there was a Julio, again of that kind of person. And one wonders how Mariana gets surrounded by all these talkative people, jeje. She is sweet, no doubt but she is more a great listener... Hey, that makes perfect sense... =)

Alas, I meet Vane, I had heard about her many times and she about me, jeje. Isn't it nice and strange to know about each other long before actually seeing the other? At least for me, this phenomena made trust came automatic, or maybe was her smile, don't know. Now I know how Jaime feels when we talk so much about I.B.M. they talked a lot about CEMEX, but it wasn't boring, but a distinct alienation comes from. The good thing is that we always could go back to talk good or bad about our common alma mater. Anyway, at one point I gave Vane my jacket, she was trembling... And that's how the carrilla started... For future reference I promise to take the wave instead of redirecting it. It's a force pretty useful if you know what I mean.

To tell the truth I didn't have the chance to talk so much with Mariana, but I nonetheless thank her for the invitation. I felt part of that group, even when once that Julio said, "You know, we (referring to all the persons at the table) normal people see your friends (the engineers, particularly the iecs...) as weirdos, but they are just strange good people." Jejeje, you can't believe me how much I laughed inside, I more by reaction than anything replied "Come on, as if comunicologos or architects weren't special." That way the conversation became about how great is variety :) The night ended not so late, at 2am, because Mariana had to work...

I don't think writing long posts are good, but I have a lot to write, so take a break if you have read up to here.

Saturday, it was Julio's birthday and for that festivity, one could argue we started planning since Wednesday. Here's the thing, we all wanted fun for the night. And this time we were gonna have it in the old & unusual fashion, having fun with women. Don't believe there's a reader who doesn't actually know me, but just I'll just pretend. My friends and I are the kind of guys who until recently didn't like to dance, go to bars or didn't had a wild life. Well, things hadn't change so much, and some still don't like it... However that afternoon we had a goal, get a woman and have a good time with her. I had much doubt that Julio would agree, but one gets pleasant surprises once in a while. At 10 sharp for decent guys, Jaime, Yorch, Julio and I were committed to go where none of us had been before, a table of an unknown woman and flirt with her. By the way, cmateos also came, more in the couch role model... He didn't stay much, or at least not enough to see the unbelievable to many. We went to the Meridiano 62, it's a tropical site. Live-played batucada. We went there a bit late, because we got a dinner and the little detail that the original plan had the Barilochi as launch place. That place was a bit empty that night, and mateos told me I was dressed up a bit tropical, so what could I do? It was meant to be, several times I had attempted to go there.

We started slowly as we all could imagine. I located a bunch of groups of women, and I even saw jaggy's brother. The first beer I spent time thinking how to start a conversation, of course I realized that the last thing I needed was to think, so I went for a "hi". Mateos provided the specific group and there we go... Or so I tried a couples of times, jeje. It was a tree woman group, so I needed backup. I tried to cheer up yorch and julio, the other two originals of the plan. I tried to explain to them staying dead like a poll is a good way to avoid bears... AND women. Even dancing with no rhythm at all is safer, I think. It wasn't until Jaime returned that I had any chance. We agreed on a simple plan, whenever they started dancing we will approach them and dance. Jaime chose a red-dressed girl, and went straight to her, full-will enabled. An earth-guy. They started surprised and with a No. Jaime's girl said that they were having a good moment by their own, that only if her friend agreed we could dance with them. "No, no way" she said, and that's were I said "why not?" in my quintessential way of asking so much. "Come on, just asking for a dance, no more no less." "Uhm, ok, sure." Her name is Carla.

I talked a bit, you know the basic, why are you here? Why don't you dance? (You remember when I said it was a 3-person group...) Meanwhile, where were Julio and Yorch? Don't know. When the music stopped the red girl asked for a break, and so it ended. We parted while I said, "Well maybe we could return later" "Sure" was the answer. By then, we located those two guys who were also in the game, to find that they weren't doing so good. They hadn't tried, and worse, they didn't had much fun. Yorch's left eye was handling cigarette smoke as good as USA, the war against terrorism... Julio and I were planning to reach another group, when Yorch commanded the retreat. I really wanted to stay, and even more have Julio dance with someone, but hey, didn't bring Lucy. Julio thanked us, for the try...

Time to make a recount, I promise the next time I'll be more in the centre-front, I'll be better with my conversation and I'll act more fast. How do I plan to achieve it? Well, I learnt that doing it is easier than I expected, so why not be more confident? My lessons are many more, but let's call it an entry and see if my actions go were I think they are coming to. It may surprise all of us.