Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Great changes are in the horizon. I'm leaving my sheltered job for the adventure of living from what I care. I'm not that heroic, not as it sound. I'm leaving because I can't stand doing what I do one more month. I figured that if I'm gonna, basically, start from scratch I might as well do what I wish. My current job isn't satisfying, hasn't been in a long time. And I don't get much money. So I'm poor and have a dull job... Well no more! I will keep being poor for the foreseeable future, but at least I will challenge myself. If any friend reads this, now you know why I bought artemisa, now you know why I won't be seen so often (both in msn and parties).

This I will get thanks to allan and padilla. Yet, I will get it even without them, because I need it. I'm talking about a change in my core values. I'm full of projects, but I need to be a finisher. I know I have plenty of shortcomings for what the future will throw me. I also know I'm choosing, once again, the hard path. Friends have tried to "put some sense" in my new ambitions. To me, to them I answer. Second guessing has no room, only honest shots can be made. I'm utterly novice in being entrepeneur, but despite all this I firmly believe I can do it. I'm clever, willful and I know I'm not natural so I'll surround myself of the good people :P

Against all odds, my dream has never been to work in the video game industry. I don't have that passion. Against several odds, my dream has never been to be my own boss. I don't have that one either. I'm just a curious man trying to solve puzzles. =) And I'm becoming better playing the greatest game I have ever encountered.

Life's good.

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