Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Another dream

This story may be thought as what could happen to another Memo. It's situated in the past of that timeline.

I'm in a cafeteria waiting for my brother. It's my back what you see, the place is colored in red tones and the architecture seems like a building from 19th century. Then a girl comes and I greet her as family, with much affection. There comes my brother with whom I agreed to take lunch. We walk to the center garden of that place, where we sit. In front of myself is Hagen already and to left is Alba. The table is full of people eating, at one corner is my father. The time of day is noon, but I'm eating as if taking a breakfast. It consists of fruit and bread, so I figure that a better meal would have something more. I stand up and start looking for some sauce. A white bottle with some cubed vegetables will be this time.

Yet in my way back, I accidentally slip some drops over the t-shirt of some guy. And here the conflict starts. He is very angry with me and doesn't accept my apologies. He wants to fight. There are two bands, one side banded with each of us. The guy seems rude and I don't want to fight, there is fear yes, but also the "how pointless this is" thought. The camera changes and so how all appears, both of us are younger. He is maybe seven and tries to kick me, I'm like eleven and with ease I grab his feet. I try to convince him how dumb it is to fight (while at the sametime I crush his toes). However, his band isn't just viewing they grab someone who seems like my brother from my ranks and run away.

The camera changes again and I'm again like today, I'm running behind them and two persons run by my side, one is my father. The path seems like countryard, a rugged surface (like Tapalpa). I reach a house on the periphery of a city. It is full night by now. The house is small, well painted and green. We three scout trying to see inside the house. The camera is inside the house, looking through a curtain, that's how I know that I'm being observed. And when I feel it is going to confront me, I tell the other two to return home, by different paths. I run to a hill, where I start to yell so they can view me. All of them run behind me. And that's how the chase starts.

I'm running to the mountain, by now I realize that I've a companion, it's my dog Snoopy. Yet it is black in this story. I start to worry if he would maintain my speed for long. I try to grab him to protect him of the people trying to hurt me. By now they have weapons. I reach a cliff, here I jump and my long legs are an advantage. I'm on the other side, yet I cannot hold my dog anymore and continue climbing. It find his way to continue by my side. The others can't so they go downhill through the river. I'm in a hurry so I continue, even if I know by now that they would need two days to be here. At some point I notice the impossibility of my dog continuing this journey. Here I grab it and leave it over some rocks, where it transmutates to a gray stone. I jump to the river to lost them. And so begins a period of eight years, where I would run away from people. They are trying to hunt me. In that period I became an animal, no thought or speech in my behavior. My garments degenerate to rags. I ate potatoes found on that wood and are weary of snakes, which I kill on sight. Sometimes I recall a long ago past, nothing firm. And on my dreams I see a webpage (padilla's blog). Something of it makes me feel sad about him.

However something strange has happened, I'm near the river and hear strangers. I run trying to hide in the river among rocks (this trick usually works on other dreams). Yet someone glimpses me. She looks to my eyes, she's Mariana. The narrator remembers her and by that way I feel I can trust her, so I don't run. Then Pedro Cervantes and some other ISEs come. They are a party of guys that have as goal to find me. For eight years there have been groups like them. However not all is sweet, I'm bitter with society and humankind. They shouldn't be near me.

Change of camera, I see a clear on the wood, it's a camp, the base center of operation to find me. It's composed of two groups, people near me like Pollo who has been trying hard all these eight years; and there are rock stars, politicians and similars. By some strange idea I've become a legend, something on the lines of Tarzan. There is even a song composed to collect funds for my recovery. It sounds very similar to "Save the world" of Michael Jackson.

So I walking with some distance to that camp. Yet they know that I'm not human completely. So Allan tells them to return to the base, while he tries something. What he does is walk fast so as to leave me behind more and more. I'm angry, how does he dare! And that's when I start to run to attack him. At the last minute when I jump, while I know perfectly clear how to dispatch him he grabs my hands and we roll. I fall over something soft. I see it, it's my old sleepingbag. And I stop fighting, I remember and decide to stop fighting. I fell asleep. When I wake up I start to talk again a little.

There I found that I'm rich and have become the symbol for the green-peace people. Somehow I'm the figure that raises money to save that wood, and the federal government has labeled a protected area. In this camp is where Pollo and Mariana meet for the first time. Diana is ashamed of something she did while I was away. And all seems like a happy ending.

Except that as time goes and I regain my psyche I come to accept the consequences of my stupid retirement, people were hurt while I ran away.

When I wake up I was angry about how stupid I behave myself, yet I know that my shadow trip has a meaning, and I'm happy with it.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

'Kill Bill' is a gargantuan project. Who would have imagined that there was a plot in that story? Anyway I went with Mariana and Pollo to see that movie. It may become a trend if I don't do anything... It's good to chat with them, but I feel like an intruder. It's amazing how easy is to talk with her, for the short time we have chatted. On the other hand, there's Pollo with whom I've had a long history of interesting arguments.

When is perseverance, sturdiness?
Yesterday was Diana's birthday, and I want to mention here how great she is, or the so many positives influences she has had or just the magnificent person she is. However words aren't needed here, so Gracias.

As a side note, yesterday I also had the pleasure to elect not going with Lucy to Plaza del Sol. The pleasant thing is that I chose to walk my way to the mall. I've always liked to walk, and having a car hasn't changed my mind. Now I can choose to walk =) (and what a great sky, was trying to spook me with wind and huge gray clouds as if I were to swim my way back)

On Diana's party all was good except for the part that I insisted on looking to the door, just in case someone appeared. Of course I several times pushed that thought down the stairs and enjoyed the night. It's good to be alive, so says the common knowledge...