Saturday, March 05, 2005

For a couple of weeks, I've been seeing popcorns every three days, more or less. For brief periods of times, my mouth becomes a white lettuce field, where a happy pink farmer reigns. Now It's kind of normal for me to see my dentist. He is a nice guy who likes to be asked about his profession. Some times I wonder if he'll at all do anything that evening, but I found amazing how simple-minded he can be. He's a happy little guy who finds in his work a way to gain money and alleviate pain from rich and poor.

Anyway, today I went to have one of my "wisdom teeth". The lower-right one. It was a brave little fellow that never really harmed anyone, but who had to exit for the greater plan. Two hour has passed and am still anesthetized. It was pretty fast, the operation. The strangest part is when one hears cracks and little noises that you are sure no one outside the body could hear. Little breaks that makes you doubt about your jaw consistence. However all this happens in a few blinks (if you did any), then he gets a pincer. One sees the size and calculates, tha ain't gonna fi in ma mou... Some hard work later one sees it. It's beautiful, I can't stop contemplating it. "Shouldn't it had 3 roots?" "Look bet... uhm... It should..." Anyway. I'm fine. :D

If you wanna know what's been going on my life, it's work, a lot. Let see how my birthday-week goes.