Thursday, May 13, 2004

Ok time to talk about MexWork. I won't qualify it as the milestone up to this point, but it certainly has shaken my world. I don't regret assisting, even when so many things have become unstable. The thing is, that people (without prior knowledge of that course) finds me less sharp, less feliz, less myself. And while I Monday on the morning felt pretty glad, Alba didn't felt it that way. I interpret it as natural when someone looses control over his emotions. This isn't so good by itself, but I find it is the way to be while expanding myself. How hard is to me to understand that people couldn't relate " Mimo, left with no word, my body says it all." with the Memo they once thought to know.

For me it is a basic aspect of myself. Of course, people don't normally read my poems...

However my body is in some-kind of shock, so many hormones, muscular tension and even headache... people worry about this. And several times I've discovered memes that weren't there before. I'm empowered that's right, and I feel I can focus on anything, yet there is that lack of energy on so many things. I need more time sleeping.

So you have read up to this point, how many complains? And yet he states that it was a good thing to be there. The simple answer is, I learnt many things about myself, I can see the world with other eyes, besides mine. I made at least one good friend, and the world to where I returned.... Oh world! It is so much funny, active, passionate.

p.s: Padilla you don't see that you really are fighting in the same way that Pollo.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Mimo, left with no word, my body says it all.

How strange is the world when you do the inusual, people could say I've always been different, people come to agree in what I am capable of. People see how one grows and share the process, and then someday one leap. And I mean a leap, not an expansion. You enter a new world with people who by a rarified environment they come to love you. And you feel the same. The things, is it possible to have false feelings? Does it matter?

Let me say a parallel statement, today I'm so FELIZ!!! Cause there is at least one person so compromised with me that she provoked what seemed "impossible" to her. And that my friends, is exactly the best part of all. She did it following exactly what she thought she was fighting. Looks like a paradox, but isn't.

I'm hurted by the lack of confidence from a near person. His motives are completely noble, but he is trapped on being so worried about me that he just pushes.

At the same time so many things that seem opposite, am I the only one who sees that there's no fight ?