Friday, June 17, 2005

I will run 10K. That's for everyone who hasn't read my nickname on msn... I currently have 3.8Km in 30 minutes mark. The good news is that with that speed, if I can maintain it, I could reach the goal in an acceptable time =) The best news is that I have yet three weeks to gain the necessary stamina and I have time to try elevating it to a 10Km/hr ;)

Ok, now the implementation, which isn't as platonic, jeje. I'm running one day, resting the other, and so on. Have to say it, running is more will than force. I'm a bit low on the aerobic condition, but I keep moving, until I crash. Jajaja, and yes I crashed completely on the walking machine. Imagine this scene, memo running all sweaty and thinking "I sure don't need this glasses". Keeps running. I took the towel to clean my face, I close my eyes for an instance and there I think "It will probably be safer to grab something while closing the eyes". I just grab the air. Quickly open the eyes and see how the stick I wanted is about one centimeter away of the place it should be. Slow motion. "Think quick memo" I thrust my left foot trying to jump front to regain distance, it's too late it lands in the real floor. "Oops!" I'm able to open my arms and land on the sides of the walker, safely avoiding the sliding band. It was a good thing, in the sense that it caused me to run even more eager "Damn machine I will teach you."

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Have you ever knew that a movie will be crap, and yet seen it? Of course most would say yes, I would normally say no. (Yes I do see how it doesn't make that much sense to ask if ever and said that sometimes the answer is no ;) just let me explain...) I have this top:
So how can most movies ever compete? Well, I tend to just not grade movies and avoid craps. However sometimes you agree to see "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" because she wants to see it. So be it. Now ask me, did you enjoy it? Sure =) It was a real fun movie. (In this way I can keep saying that I don't watch crap ;) I know that have I seen it with almost any other person I wouldn't have laughed that easy. I like that kind of friendship when feeling silly is completely natural. Yesterday we agreed that she has magic, if you ask me pooka.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I'm very tired, I came to home 2:30AM... but first I'll tell you a little story... Once upon a time, there was this alba who promised to cook a lemon pay to the narrator... no this won't work out... ok, let's reframe. Yesterday she surprised myself by giving me a delicious dessert =) Why did she did it? No idea. It was a promise made long ago, and we don't even remember how it came to be. So thanks, dankeschön. Namaste. I should think how to return the favor...

Anyway, yesterday I did the two most horrible jobs a guy like me could do. Give free technical service and read Tarot to five girls and a guy. It's excruciating. I don't mean I didn't have fun, but there's something terrible wrong about telling people that they need to do four activities to keep in good shape their computers. I do just one apt-get update. And there's the Tarot thingie, I do think it has a good message to learn, but when people ask "how would my love life go?", again something isn't right. If you see the analogy... Well, I'll return to my daily work, if I can stay awake :)

p.s: ok ok I can think of several worse jobs... it's just a figure of speech, give me a break, jeje

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

At least Once
  • Run a marathon
  • Spend one night in jail
  • Do one year of service (I'll do Peace Corps, one day, err, year)
  • Come up with a worth-having tattoo
  • Ingest peyote
  • Parachute
  • Diving
  • Enter a brainwashing cult
  • Love with the heart exposed and really trying to grab the sun, moon and stars; so deeply knowing that she is the one, love as a fool
  • Get slapped by a woman
  • Do a 24x24 (ie, 24km walk in 24hours)

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Today I had a happy evening, I passed the afternoon with my family. The special motive was the "good-bye" party my uncle gave to my cousin Benji. He's a free spirit, he takes care of children in the middle of France, special kids who didn't have the luck to have a loving-embracing family; some of the are going to jail, some are leaving drugs behind, and so... He is an inspiring man, and has a great tattoo in his ankle, an Aztec eagle icon.
Again it was a party with so many people that knew me, this time from my boy scout epoch. The sad thing is that this cool people are like 3 years older than me! Shame on me. (I suppose they have advantage, knowing that I'm the cousin...) Slowly but I managed to fit in that group, by the end I was just one more. I noticed a scan from a certain she, and that was good :) The bummer part is that I didn't do anything, but I'm not in a race, so I just enjoyed the pans ;)
One amazing thing happened although, there were tons of kids! kids from these guys who are just 3 years older... Besides my cousin, every one of his friends had one or two kids... Will it happen to me? How soon? Of course, like in a year most of my friends should have a stable partner or that won't happen.
I had the chance to talk a bit with my cousin, it was like the most deep talk I have ever had with him. It was a bit of all, I just missed talking about 42 because someone interrupted, jeje. He's in love, loves what he does and is feliz. =) When I leaved I told him that maybe in a not so long period I could visit him, 700 euros isn't that much ;)