Thursday, October 25, 2007

Living in a wheelchair isn't easy. That part everyone seems to agree. Yet, people don't really imagine how hard it is. They can foresee some problems, but the real lesson, well by now I now I don't know. Today, all day, I have been living without using my legs. Life's face is kind of familiar and that makes you feel as if you knew it. That's the danger, I guess. For start, you discover that the floor matters. You really wonder why anyone would want a carpet for the office. They aren't cheap, nor clean... but inside you know, it's just a pain in the... to move through it. Four times harder than usual. Yes, you avoid ladders, and use the elevator, but the real issue is you can't be around people. Maybe it was just me. I wasn't sure I wouldn't hurt someone by accident with this huge artifact. Twice I hit dulce by mistake. And she was trying to help me :/
Then, there's the stares. At first I thought, strangers are much more nicer to me. Then I bumped. That was no education, it was condescension. Am I reminding them how fragile life is? Once in a door, I prompted a girl to pass before me (trying to be a gentlemen), she didn't like it. She felt bad. At lunch all my friends want to the microwave ovens, to heat their food. At first I didn't knew, but somehow I didn't want to be near the crowd. In the corridors, I'm using the lonely ones. People continue trying to help me, but a little part of me says "Why? I can do it myself. Thanks"
This chair impose a division between "normal" people and guys with this thing. Before lunch I made a joke about my chair. I could see guilt in the eyes of people around me. As if they couldn't laugh because of fear.
Of course, this event also has a bright side. I'm seeing all with new eyes. I had to cross a bridge and I ended exhausted. I like that. I could see my friends cheering me up and when needed they were there. I couldn't feed the ducks today, but nonetheless I'm making my everyday life as usual as I can. Is this what life is for the rounded legs people?

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