Saturday, March 18, 2006

Don't know why I keep doing this. Don't even have the excuse of old habits die hard. It happens as always with me unconsciously doing it, even when I thought I wouldn't do it again. Yesterday a couple of friends and myself engaged in the endless fun of poker, well not really, liar's dice. It was really fun, not the game by itself, but the flow, the dynamics. Well at least until I realized a special quirk of myself. There's this guy, miguel, a good friend. He was obviously the best in the game (while I was the newbie). Anyway, without we noticing I coupled with ceci to help her win, and keep migue being hit over and over. Of course it was unfair! But didn't catch it until he was so honest to point it out. I discovered that I played really easy when she was to my right, but really aggressive (in a good way) when any other was around. Why being protective? That shouldn't make sense. Another interesting thing was that I could tell when anyone was lying except when that person was trying to do it to me and I cared for him/her. In those times, I always trust. :s Which on the metagame wasn't so bad, 'cause people started to play soft with me as in "I can't lie to him, he trust me!". After I realized I was being unfair, I started playing harder with ceci, but by some luck, she always had a better hand so in the end it was even better for her. Lady Fortune, hope you know what you are doing. Oh, I almost forgot, I got a Rummy! =) (As a gift from my bday from migue).

ps. She won her first game, and half the game I explained the mechanics... I wonder how would she do at Go ^o)

This morning was helping mariana think about a gift to give. It was surprising to me enlisting the paramount easy to spots things a person can do to discover who is the person one calls friend. Let's put some examples. Which was the last movie that made him/her cry? What was the last big investment she/he did? Those simple questions would tell you a lot, but how many times we don't know that about our friends. Sure it's nice to know the favorite flower, or her/his birthday. Details count, I won't argue that. I'm just saying we shouldn't take him/her for granted; the best thing of your friend may yet to be found. By the way, you can imagine that me being a curious afrit, now want to know the answers to my questions. I will need to observe a bit more.

ps. For those with Awareness of 2 or more, I've almost accepted the fact of people telling I might be a demon. I don't tempt so well, but hey, I will learn.