Monday, March 12, 2007

That Friday I was tired, but nonetheless I went to Mine's bday. The problem was that it was too late. I arrived about 12 o'clock to the "RedPub". Yes, you are right, by then it was my birthday. However that wasn't anything to the guy on the door. He said I couldn't enter, that law forbids people entering those places after the bar is close o.O So I called kamilo and ask him to excuse me with Mine. That's when Mine decided to move the party outside. That was a great kind thing to do :) We end up eating tacos near Chapultepec, and that was great. She was the first to give me the happy birthday hug. However ceci was the first to remind me of it, by cellphone.

So 1:45 AM I went to my house, rather tired. And there she was, Ceci and some friends in a surprise party!! Wow =) Didn't expect that! I was speechless for a couple of minutes. It was after all my first surprise party :) GRACIAS!! Ceci insisted on doing the candles and the bite rituals... There must be a photo here, soon. The dangerous thing was that while they waited for me, my mother brought old albums and anecdotes to the table... My mother got very impressed with ceci. About 2:45 it concluded. Hit bed hard.

Once I woke up, I prepared all to have my official party all set up. Went quickly for karina. By then I was a bit stressed. I wanted all to be smooth, and I had yet to buy the tortillas! Anywho, at the end all went good, except for the music. It seems, no one takes seriously the part about bringing music with them to my parties. It was great to see so many friends! I owe a Thanks to my brother for cooking all day, pollo for the beer, mariana for the ipod-never-used, and all for assisting. Ilyann gave me a kind of swiss army knife... Thanks. Oh, and even ivonne came at the end. Sorry for not going to the balibar with you, I was really tired by then... so all in all. Life is Good!

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