Tuesday, October 05, 2010

You know something is off when I want to listen music. Today I wished Trova. Music in Spanish. Let us see if there's any luck with Pandora.

In other news, I have been in SF for almost a month! It's nice to buy your own toilet paper. To know if you don't mop, no one will. For years I didn't bought things to avoid problems with my brother. Now I'm free to have whatever I like. I think I will buy 20 equal socks.

I organized among many a party for Padilla. A late late suprise bday :) He liked it. That's a small way to payback his good vibes, hehe.

I went to Berkeley. It feels strangely like the movies. Full of potential. A playground for students changing the world. On the other hand its game store... I'm not impressed.

The thing I enjoy the most of my new job: the size of the operation. I mean, my new toys are huge, both in complexity, size and manpower behind it. I'm old enough to not expect groundbreaking software behind the curtain; nonetheless, this place should have an award for its ambition. I cannot give details but I'm glad of being part of this. Connecting the world through games, more true than people might think.

I'm one step beyond missing Karina. This might be just like being thirsty. A bubble of no more feelings just the hanging memory, but you don't want to actually remember it.

I'm liking Vegan food a lot. I won't be that, but I will eat it, as often as possible, just for the flavior. Yes, I said it. I love Seitan :p So yes, I'm a 100% environmental vegetarian! At last.