Thursday, January 19, 2006

I'm so behind in things to post... No time for that, I could be sleeping, but have to write down this. No, it isn't a big thing, just a couple of details that make life a bit more interesting. Last Tuesday was a big entropic day. I mean it. Lady Fortune was with me, big time. First an unlikely encounter with allan, while trying to fetch some balloons. Then I go to a store and the lady says she doesn't sell those things. Don't know why, but I thought, "No the world isn't like this." with absolute certainty. I turn around and another lady whispers, "maybe we have some here". I wanted them pink and white. She says, "no we only sell multicolored bags". Again I think "By any chance you have a misplaced bag?". And the retail seller says, "uhm, I seem to remember some one-color bags." We walk to the end of the store, a place full of dust. "Does it matter if they are heart-shaped?" I think, "well maybe it could work, I want a strawberry theme anyway. But nay, it would be perfect a red and white scheme. With round balloons." She says, but we only have red, silver and black ones. By then, I was really believing my luck, so I say, "No, red and white, please." And sure they were, the only ones at the bottom. =) There I decided that day was all with me.
Could have fled to Las Vegas, but no, I had a mission, decorate alba's place. That Tuesday was her bday! That's why I wanted a strawberry theme. I decided it would be cool to dress her as Strawberry Shortcake (Rosita Fresita pa' los cuates). One day before I went with diana and Mateos to cut-and-paste literally all the things. Diana made up a pretty pink hat. It was fun to be around Mateos again. Anyway, she didn't went to the office until Today.
The day progressed without me taking advantage of my luck, just a small incident. I was walking to the bank when a vending machine spontaneously popped out some food. Didn't took it. By night my mother attempted a free lunch, she naively tried winning it with a toss. Me, being a sincere men, politely tried to dissuade her, with no success. One hour later, I had my free lunch. ;)
If you wonder how does alba celebrated her birthday at work, see this:

Wednesday wasn't so fun, even though we went to the movie theater. The film wasn't so good, too long, too much about the same thing. And she wasn't in the best mood. I felt her distant, exhausted. And I couldn't do anything about it. For some time I thought, maybe it's about me. Yet today has proven I wasn't the reason. She's just sick :/That night we talked about quirks, I'm sure this most be completely universal, but aren't quirks what really makes a person shine??

Well, I'm tired. Have to awake early. Tomorrow what a great day will be ;) And Saturday, can't wait to see what Lady Fortune has in store for me!!

Monday, January 16, 2006

What happens when grown-ups and a tumbling are mixed in a party? A hell of laughs, rugged elbows and one or two interesting encounters. :) Yesterday I went to another party, my abdomen hurts. Arrived early to help a bit. Inflated more balloons than ever, felt dizzy at the end. With great pride I can say I topped them all. Then the tumbling arrived. Is it strange when there's a tumbling and there are no kids to see around? Anyway, jumped and jumped, flied once... At lunch time, again ate more than others... And fifteen minutes later, jump, jump, jump. We did a pair of "bolitas" what a blast, even when the tumbling started to deinflate suffocating us. Sorry dulce, didn't want to seat over you... And what a starry night. Before moving forward more, a strange report. Somehow I was the only one they couldn't blow away from the structure... Am I more solid? More stable? Heavier? Am I made of titanium as someone there said? jeje.
Anyway, after the party we went to see, Das Experiment. Great movie, which make one wonders is evil real? Would I act any different? And more important, why she keeps thanking me for things as "watching the movie"?...