Saturday, December 02, 2006

Yesterday we got our posadisc. To those of you who have never heard it, is a Mexican festivity. Well, a Computer Science, class '02, Mexican party. Since graduation we have been kind of united. And so often we do plans together. And winter's holidays are a great excuse. Too much have changed since last year. Most of my pals don't work for the Machine, anymore. Those days are history, but as usual, the memories persist. Every year the married couples increase. As the fatty boys. Thought this year we would be less than the last year, but no, surprisingly we are constant :)
Insights from the party. It amaze me how a couple of months can change so much a couple. Some who were one and the same, now want space. I thought it was normal for marriage, but jaggy's keep being the same. Another thing, is there a part in the parties where if you get after it, you won't ever be part of it? In this case it was Mateos, who I hope, fortunately invited a friend. Or maybe it was just my perception of his boredom. While diana was very merry with her former schoolmates, I saw him contemplating us, as if trying to catch on. Maybe I'm completely wrong, and these parties aren't about chatting and laughing with as many as you can (being that rarely you can see some of them). For me a posada is a buffet. This time I was the one moving the piñata. It's fun trying to be easy, while unreachable.
Anyway, let us see how next ISC party is. I wish some of them would forgive each other, though. Time is harsh for some of them.
Some friends complained that my blog isn't readable, that they cannot understand it. Dear fellows, I'm sorry. This blog has many reasons for being, and sometimes those objectives go against your readability. I'm not one of those guys who wish to be A-list bloggers. I write here in part to be read, but mostly to bookmark things that I care for. Should I start labeling my entries? "This is a metaphor" "I don't expect to be understood" "General rant, that I'll be more than glad to listen your thoughts"? If you can follow my cryptic messages, and I know some of you can, that is awesome. For the rest of you, I apologize for not highlighting that this space has more than one function. That's why I will keep pumping, now and then, some trash to you, some jewels to me.

ps, This is a general rant, that I'll be more than glad to read your comments.
Had a weird dream. Yes, another one. Who hasn't had a dream that repeats itself a couple of times? Or who hasn't had dreams that relate to other dreams? I know I have. And I even have re-runs of these series. The shocking part is that this night I had one episode I hadn't see previously that goes between two others I fully remember. This episode provides info so that the rest of the series becomes much more interesting but also has more sense. It's like if the night I was to see that dream I changed channel, and now until I get to see the rerun I notice, hey I skipped the third episode! It was strange my mind splitted. Half of it was living the skipped-rerun episode, and half was joyful that I'll finally understand why of things that I won't see until next night. The forth episode starts bizarrely enough with killing a baby, which was to become the successor to the throne. Never understood I was so cruel to an innocent. On the second episode, in the conclusion of it, there was a party of adventurers who had to escape from their plane of existence, there was a pregnant woman, whose child was destined to be the best king ever. For several nights, that gap between episodes itched me. But hey, dreams are strange, I can't expect logical stories, right? And now I found why!! =D
Third episode, it starts when the adventurers are in the other plane. We can contact the first plane, and be perceived as ghosts, with much energy. We are recollecting parts of vital information that we need to safely return with to-be-born king. This place is run by plants that attack anything too powerful. They let people leave on valleys, but when they develop any kind of strength, they are razed. And well, if you enter the forest, you might become food. Me, I'm lazy, I prefer to fly over it. Later I discovered, that flying was perceived as too powerful... Anyway I went to the town, seeking for food for my mates. When I returned, noticed how the build where we were, was full of plants. Ran to see the whereabouts of my peers. Three of them died, just Kappa survived, barely. Woj the most powerful of them had took all the damage it could. The woman was torn apart, but the baby was safe. Me, the viewer, saw this as a glitch, how can a baby survive, or why did the evil plants let him live? Me, the adventurer, was happy to have it safe. So Kappa healed, and I ran havoc through the forest, killing anything that resembled plant-like. Yes, I was in rage. Got the information from a priests, who thought it was dealing with dead guys. Anyway we went to the portal, so as to return to our plane. Before opening it, the forest came. Why was it so aggressive? Did they understood revenge? They act much more aggressive than ever before. Trying to destroy the portal, a never before heard thing. We barely cross it. Once on the other side of the portal, with the baby on my hands, I got it. Flashback, the future sovereign was killed with the mother by asphyxiation, the plants had switched in a bean. They had for too long wished on of theirs to be raised by the humans. They desired the genuine of our acts. So for them, it would be the best ever king among them. They fought hard, because they didn't foresee that we were gonna rise it on other plane. So what should I do? Prophecy said that the baby would be the greatest one of his kind. Do I fight destiny? End of episode.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Today my nation, México has a new president. And it was pacific in some way. More than I expected. Yet, I'm here to discuss another thing. I'm sick of people who have a certain idea in their hearts. "Those who aren't with us are stupid, don't love our country, and go fsck yourselves." I'm sad to tell that there are thousands of these people. And yes julio, this time I'm talking about you, but not only you, there are thousands. When I hear a person whose nick or whose political comments are just obscene wishes of sexual nature, curses, or plain painful death, I only see an ignoramus. You are down in my eyes, for you have made a crucial mistake. You have judged worthless whatever the other thinks and even more, you fear it. I understand it's just natural to fear what you don't understand. But let us be straight forward, such a visceral impulse on your part is fear acting. Had you not fear, you would act rational and do something along the lines of trying to understand why someone could think X. Then you could draw a line from your paradigm to that X. Or do you think human mind isn't connected? That those "poor" men and women aren't alive and feeling and thinking? The word hate (as is love) is a very strong word. And I'm thinking you might feel that way on those who oppose you. And that's a clear sign of something. I understand that topic is important to you, kudos for that. I respect someone who cherishes his/her nation. But how can I condone someone who blames others, who wants to rip apart his/her so called beloved nation. You like it or not, all of us are part of this beautiful country. I know you abhor certain idea, you think your opposite loves. Can't you discuss it? And accept that you are probably wrong, and had been punching straw men? When you hate someone, let it be Calderon or Lopez, you are de-humanizing them, and their psycophants, and even some followers. Please ask yourselves, are you doing it to not feel guilty of treating them bad, just for the sake of being different? In a sense, I'm just asking one thing. Please be human. Accept you are faulty and so the others. You, me, all are alive and trying our best to have a nice experience.

Ok Ok let us see how this applies to me. I don't want to belabor. From the top of my head, here's what I have realized I hate. Lies and Faith. No people or country comes. So how all my argument reflects on me hating? For one, I'm as human as all. Hate lies, because I'm a bit gullible on people. I assume people will tell me the truth. And I feel bad when they lie to me. Either I or he/she didn't trust or was irresponsible. I work hard to ensure my friendships feel they can tell me the truth. That's why I surround myself with responsible people. My algorithm, doesn't work with people who tell me the truth but doesn't want to take their life together. So if they made a mistake, they just want me to accept it as a fact, without doing something about it. Truth by itself isn't much, you need to not only give it, but receive it. Anyway I hate lies, because it crumbles my network. Because it reminds me that some people had opposites agenda. Because I'm able to lie. Because I'm a liar who want to be better, and every time someone lies, it tempts me. You can only hate and love when that is part of your essence.
And I hate the concept of believing without consideration. Of loosing yourself in whatever comes. It's rather dangerous. Hate faith, because it daunts me how people blinded by it do such a colossal effort to do acts but not taking responsibility of it. It's the perfect excuse for many. They won't need to fathom Why's. They can live in perpetual denial of reality. Hate it, because it's a drug. Noxious to you, but it brings a certain confidence. While you have it, you believe yourself immortal and the son of the gods. Every action happens because of something. In a word, you willfully return to a womb. Out of fear, but with pleasure. You are denying your identity and you even call Doubt a foe. I hate it because like every drug, I see how that destroys you. "What harm is there in me seeing spirits?" I hate it, because Faith is against change. Because Faith is the ultimate SNAFU. Hate it, because I sometimes want to forget that potential and actual aren't the same. Because I'm tempted every day to be less that what I can be. Because a life of Faith, is slavery. And much to my shame, there are times when I wish I could be irresponsible as those blinded. As you can see I only hate, what I fear to express in myself, that is the irresponsible Memo who doesn't care for the others, nor for him. My shadow.

And what do you hate? Is it a part of yourself?

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Doctor ayudeme, tengo una reuma que no me deja dormir.
En las noches frías se cuela un dolor que no me deja dormir.
Lo que usted tiene es calentura, ya vayase de aquí.
No señor son malditas bolsas en los ojos.

Ya intentó la fatiga. Es muy buena para eso del tiempo extra.
Y si mejor pruebo unas sangritas. Dos al día hasta que se seque.
Lo dudo. Los caballeros no olvidan, por mucho que lo digan.

Arriba Arriba Abajo Abajo Izquierda Derecha
No es como yo quería
Izquierda Derecha
-Anaán Betén

Monday, November 27, 2006

Last Saturday went to ale's bday. It was a joy to see her again, after so long. Do I still have her book? Anyway, I met several of her Christians friends. Great guys, though I don't share their belief that faith is of any good to mankind. So all was fun and all until we got to a point where my Bright-ness shed me. They were nice, even after "coming out". Now I always assume that Christians don't believe in atheism. I mean, there are a lot of people who think that's a myth. :D Ironic. The interesting part is that as usual I have a great arsenal from so many previous encounters, and they no. I understand their philosophy and implications better than some of them. So it is disproportionate the advantage on the argument side. I try to play low, because, there's no point in discussing what is just emotional attachment. I like them. Yet, one of them said a couple of things I really couldn't stop myself of cutting through each and every hole I could find. Tear them, is my commitment. For instance, once he said Muslims were misogynist, because their Koran explicitly says women are inferior. I had to answer, and so does your bible. He tried to argue that the bible is special, not to be treated as anything else for many things. One by one I have to tear it. Hasn't these centuries taught us that all is context? One of my favorites to tear, was that Jews have always been Jews. That Jewish god has made true what he promised to Abraham. Had to explain that Egypticians and Chinese have a greater span of existence. That their race has intermingled as any other with their neighbors. Ok less, than usual. And that their beginnings are polytheist, as proven by the bible. You can still see marks of it on: Gen 3:22, Exo 3 and Exo 20:3-5. Another great point. When I tried to explain that Baal isn't the same as Belcebú. And they said, it's just the Greek translation. FYI, Baal means "Lord". ;)
Tomorrow She dies. =(
Yo (12:26) - editobi
Yo (12:26) - ooops :D
She (12:27) - command not found...
Yo (12:27) - ls
She (12:27) - hello.mp3 hi.mp3
Yo (12:28) - jajajaja
Yo (12:28) - cd ~user [changed to avoid problems]
She (12:28) - not authorized
Yo (12:29) - worales didn't thought you so secure
Yo (12:29) - su
She (12:29) - password:
Yo (12:30) - abcd12efgh [changed to avoid problems]
She (12:30) - password incorrect. Specify a correct password and try again...
Yo (12:31) - jajaja
Yo (12:31) - man passwd
She (12:33) - help not available
Yo (12:34) - I swear, there was help about five minutes ago....
Yo (12:34) - ps -A
She (12:34) - command not found
She (12:34) - Not authorized
Yo (12:35) - jajaja ah caramba, double message, not only it can't be find, I wouldn't be able to run it, even if I had it. wow
Yo (12:36) - whoami
She (12:36) - you put something else, before
Yo (12:36) - JAJA :D
She (12:36) - memodestroyer
Yo (12:36) - jajaja
Yo (12:37) - ftp memoserver -u galcan -p just42day
Yo (12:38) - bin; get virusparaconseguirpasswords
Yo (12:38) - bye
She (12:38) - access denied
Yo (12:38) - achis now I can't even access my server!
She (12:39) - command not run
Yo (12:39) - ah! Don't have ftp!
She (12:40) - shutdown
Yo - 2286 antes 7608 y ahora con 2560 (12:40) - a mi no me miren, yo no hice nada!
Yo - 2286 antes 7608 y ahora con 2560 (12:41) - debe ser un daemon :P
(lunch time)
Once again my novel astonishes me. I had set that some characters would have a meeting, nothing big, something akin to a dinner, let's call it brunch, though they would despise the concept. It's a high epoch setting, you know. Anyway, the plot required certain outcome. And what does it happen? That the girls start to get crazy, and before I know they're dancing and one of them is striping. What the... Then the "mean" daddy has to appear and ruin the fun. What happened to my decision to get certain things done? It went to the trash. Great job girls, I just asked for one thing... Ok Ok, I'll be honest, I'm quite happy about the outcome. Yes I know I will need to move destiny here and there to get the right circumstances, but I couldn't stop them. If they wanted to party on, who am I to stop them? Anyway, today I have 12k and so words. Kudos to me. Now I only have 3 days, to finish it, yeah right 8-)