Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I've just taken a bath in the hotel's jacuzzi... Oh your goooood, so good. I'm complete and utterly relaxed. I'm about to fall sleep. So let's go to the basics, again in Rochester, for one week. Again I'm in alone in this town, but it feels completely different. There is grass, a lot of wind and I learnt a few things from my last time. Eaten more than it's good, from a 12 ounce steak with red wine to a Chinese pineapple duck.

Ok let's have some detail. Tasting red wine is an experience by itself, I asked for a Cabernet Sauvignon. I smelled it 2 meters away from my table. It was a perfect environment, not so much light, inside a place that looks like a lodge.. Don't know so much about it, but surely enjoyed the night and my steak. Too much food and wine made me a bit dizzy when I stood up. Promised to never eat again so much. (For anyone who cares, a huge potato the size of one and half fists of mine, a homemade bread two fists, a small size coup of cream and the steak... Almost forgot to mention the two small sized icecream-balls that were really cream and butter, buttercream.) If ever you have the chance try it, this, the red wine and the steak complement each other. So you eat a bit and the flavour is revitalized by the "fruitful" wine and viceversa... The best result is hanging each flavour while you inhale and then proceed with the next bite or sip.

The duck was good, but well, maybe should talk about my pool experience. Not many of you know the simple quirk I have, I never open my eyes below water. Today I decided to change it, why not? It seems a good trait to have. It's an incredible minor thing to describe, but it's hard to do. I mean, it was easy to open my eyes inside the liquid, it's just the psychological thing. I saw blue, nothing else. Quickly I closed them. It didn't hurt, either there was almost no chlorine or my eyes are resistant enough. I decided to experiment a bit more, my breath was agitated. It was fear I know. I should be ashamed because so little could put me out of peace. I opened again, and I saw a light, this time I decided to resist my urge to close it, to leave water, to run to safety. I'm sure I didn't last long, but it was more than before. Then I decided to swim a bit, of course I did it, felt so strange. I didn't got to normality my respiration and can't say I can now open them at will, not even 30 complete seconds. Yet, there's progress. How many times do I take as good a minor betterment? It's an ant story. Well, that's why I took the jacuzzi. Hot, moving water, I felt in my element, random foam patterns, I feel drowsy just recalling, bye.