Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I want to blog. About what? There's tons of topics, nothing really about my life. It's a thinking time of the year, after all. My main concern is how many of us are becoming fixated on what we "are". So many years of struggling to make a stand on something, to make life meaningful and all that crap have confused all of us a lot. I mean, people actually believe that they are what they believe :P So, with time, they will close the case. No further evidence will show them if they are wrong. It's hard to believe I'm so special as to not be like all the rest in that aspect. Being so sure about anything as to leave no space for doubt, is most certainly a proof that we are wrong and blind. Probabilities are against us. People through history are almost always wrong. They got to act with a simplistic model of life...

Ok, so the previous paragraph is a clunky experiment. I want to know how many read it as if it only expresses what is in bold.

Julio believes that real friendship is for the rest of your life. I disagree. I see relationships as living things. Julio has a static perspective of every primordial thing I can conceive. I mean, to him, happiness is a frozen moment in time of having everything you want. That's why he doesn't think it's possible. Real friendships die, as anything in this universe. It's wishful thinking that you're set if you found a real connection. Will this petty argument change how julio see friendships? I wish the answer could be yes. Am I so certain about this living meme? Will I ever accept a static view of people? What's the odds that I'm right?

Recently I've changed my opinion on: abortion, gun control and piracy. For almost all my adult life, I held a position. I wouldn't kill a baby. That was my argument. There's no baby in the first 3 months. Once again Plato is fooling us. A bunch of cells don't constitute a human being. They might one day, but that won't make you fertilize each and every sperm, right? You are not harming anyone if there's no nervous system at all. It can't even feel pain.

Camilo says it isn't the same to buy piracy as to approve it. I disagree. Isn't your expenses a direct expression of your will? Reyna said that it isn't. That you may approve it, without a financial shadow. That, I can agree. I'm a Geolibertarian, if you must know. Can't imagine a real argument against having weapons if you want.

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