Thursday, May 12, 2005

As time has went, people have realized the enormous spectrum that blogs can be. I, myself, haven't read so many, but they tend to have a certain shape. Some of them want to whine, others to show how great their life is, some want to tell a story and some just to entertain. Mine is just my life, trying to put the bright and dark memorable events. (I must resist the strong urge to point which blog is which ;) Anyway, it is still strange to know that some guys do read me.

In other news, yesterday I changed a wheel on G√ľnter's car. It felt good, dirty hands, almost no light, a broken mechanical cat, me just aiding a friend. It's nice to be there.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I don't think it's a good time to write, for I'm particularly weak at the moment. And that's why I came here. In a way, I want to avoid her, is that life? I'm sorry if this is illegible to anyone besides a few (3 top). Of course now that I'm writing it, I feel the need to stop whinnying. Accept your decisions. The problem is that I make two every second. I wish to continue betting that hope will win, while at the same time I want to have reality checks. Those two shouldn't be opposites.

The good news is that both of them agree on certain things. Reacting by fear, isn't an option. People get used to anything. Truth shall make us free. And so on.