Thursday, December 07, 2006

I'm gonna trash Eragon. Why? Because we deserve better. Have I read it or seen it? No. Then how can I be sure it's mostly crap? 'Cause I spot patterns. My time is worthy. I'll save you time. Here's the basic story, taken shamelessly from wikipedia.
A servant of an evil emperor attacks, with an army at his disposal, a convoy bearing an object of power to a rebellion against the Empire. The servant captures the convoy and its leader, but the leader (a princess, no less) sends the object away in hopes that it will fall into the hands of a wise old wizard, who is the last of his kind. The object is found by a poor farm boy, whose family (not parents but uncle) is killed as a result, leaving him nothing to stay behind for. He joins the wizard on a quest, as well as a rogue who has no love for the "empire". They save the princess, then the three flee to rebels.
There you have it. Star Wars meets Tolkien. SW "story" in Tolkien setting. Won't even mention the names. See wikipedia if you must. Though in the section of differences between movie and book we get this jewel:
  • In the movie Arya does not have pointy ears, black hair or green eyes as stated in the book. It has been stated that if they were to do this, she would have been confused with Arwen.
And yes the bad guy of the movie, his name is Varden! Do all of us a favor and don't watch it in move theaters, if must see it, wait for TV. And no, I'm not advocating for piracy. Not even for such a thing.