Monday, September 17, 2007

Because this place isn't egotistical enough. Here's a poem :P

Guillermo Alcantara
A caramel ration gull,
A actual moral linger,
A magical allure torn,
A arcane glamour lilt,

A anatomic gall ruler,
A oracular gleam lint,
A glacial moral tuner,
A oracular male glint.
Thanks. Thanks. :D


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Two days in a row I have had dreams about God. That's problematic because I'm sure some friends want to believe these things have a reason. I publish these, because they are curiosities. Proofs of a religious past. Metaphors that my subconscious deem worthy. I won't be ashamed of my past.

The first dream is funny. I was dreaming simple things. I'm in the city, hunting demons. The bad guy was trying to escape through a staircase, going for the roof. The truth is that by the fourth floor I'm a bit tired, so I'm lagging behind. I reach the penthouse. I notice that there's a third door in this floor. I know this place is supposed to be only 2-door per floor. I wonder if the demon created this to escape or if his running through roofs. My curiosity wins. After I cross the hole I know. I'm no longer in Kansas :P Truth is, I'm not even in the material world. I'm in Celestia, the silver city. Damn it, I hate surprise status reports. I can't stop saying it, but truthfully I'm in a lovely cozy place. There I am, with 3 gentle men, or should I say God. The 3 look the same, but different. Like clones. But each of them are different. One dresses white, another black and the last, I can't for the life remember him. He's fuzzy. The white one asks, "how you doing?". I respond not so happy, "Fine. You know, the usual, trying to save the world." The black one thinks I'm being too confrontational. So I look him in the eyes and say, "I'm tired of being unbeliever in the waking-world. Why can't I show him/me the truth?" (I said these words, but at the same time I thought "Wait a minute! All this is a dream, I'm Bright!") The black god sees like to the window, though in truth he is seeing me, the conscious Bright. He has some fury. A bit scary if you must know. The white god, doesn't seem to be affected by this statement or my alter ego's one. HE says to me-demon-hunter, "I agree there's no need for that any longer." And he-me says, "But he won't trust a dream, I need proofs." "Oh don't worry, here, let me write down a note for him to read. When you wake up, you will read this paper and all will be clear." He-I smile. "But don't leave the paper behind", says the black one. I take the paper and grab it with all my forces. Just briefly I peek it. There's a name written there. I cross the door once more. I wake up.
There I am in the middle of my room. To my surprise I got a clip from a newspaper! It is not longer a white beautiful card, but shrugged paper. However something is wrong. I can't read the message! Damn it. I have been fooled. I throw away the paper. And now I really woke up! :S

I'm in a bridge. The one just outside of my work. It's raining a lot outside. I'm naked. I wonder how I get here. I hear a voice. Once again I know it's God. "Let's continue", he says. "I'm not in the mood." I respond. Hey, if you were naked in a bridge in a rainy night, you will also be somehow cranky. "I will show you what you are doing wrong." "And possibly the meaning of life, it's your choice." I'm not paying much attention, because I'm looking for clothes and seeing if no one is approaching. Then I think, "I'll give him a chance. After all, it's no so bad to be naked in a dream." Puff. The bridge is now filled with an inn. I know the hostess, she is God. I wear, something like a poncho. Now I know the act is about to begin, so I will be a good kid and play my lines accordingly. Customers from one side of the bridge start to come. They enjoy a good dinner while the rain is out there. The first treat is 'tacos al pastor'. I take an order. I'm a waiter. I don't need to be told, but she nonetheless tells me what I have learned. "You, You are a waiter. You are failing in your duty of serving your brothers and sisters." And I know, deep down, she is right. I could do a lot to improve the world. Then she yells, "Now, who wants some beef&cheese?" And I see that some want, and some don't. Just like before. But some want but they have their bellies full. I'm one of them. Nonetheless I stand up and tell her I want to change my decision. She gives me the look. "Now you see, I can't just add up cheese to your meat. You will have to pay a transitional cost. Have you waited for the right decision." "So is this how life supposedly to be?" I know it's an empty question. She won't answer philosophical ones. She will only show things and if I'm witty I will catch something. Life is a big dinner, where not everyone eats, or not everyone gets what they want. But every turn of the clock, new opportunities born. It's up to you. That's the conclusion I came up while dreaming. Nothing revolutionary, I know.
My disappointment must have meant something, because the illusion went off. Once again, I'm naked in the bridge, while it rains. "So you think, you could do better?" the off screen voice tells me. "Let me see if you have better lessons to learn now." "It's easy." I proclaim. "Tell me what's the biggest problem I don't know I have." She whispers. The world changes. It seems like I'm in the middle of a current. All is fuzzy. I'm still in the bridge, but all seems like if I'm in a picture. A Starry Night. Again, I'm naked, but so do everyone. It no longer rains. I see down to one side of the bridge. People are coming, lots of them. For what I can see, they are strangers. Some of them look familiar. Once they were. People I had known but no longer see. It's not hard to notice that what I see are souls. So I move to the other end side. By now the human current is huge. I'm in the middle of a river of souls. Some bright, some dim. I arrive to the other side, and as I suspected, this side is full of known faces. They are laughing, and cheering. Hugging. I see circles of friends, playing, having fun. I try to enter one group, but it is of no use. They don't recognize me. They don't know who I am. Not in this form. "Well done" she says. I don't know if she says it to mock me or because she is proud I made a wise question. It doesn't matter, I'm sad. I wake up.