Saturday, August 23, 2003

With whom shall I be? I mean apart from me, to whom do I need to give loyality. This time I'll center it on work-aspect. There's a say abotu why Smalltalk doesn't have multiple inheritance "Just too complicated". Have I created right now this say... Loyalty is like that, give it to many and you will need priorities; and that's unfair. Another strategy is give it to an ideal, and work from it, to further it. That's my route. That way I can have an easy life. Why do people prefer the other alternative? Then again reality isn't layered, its blendered. (btw, there goes the little desirebly wish of multiple realities well defined). I need to stop this topic to enter a Mage: The Ascension comment. The idea about an intrinsic barrier that separates spirits/physical/dead is good for the game but as basis of a real reality ;) breaks down, but this sould be continued later.

Returning point! =) So people tend to view work depending on their life, what a surprise... And I think it is harmful to divide artificially our lives. But things start to complicate, one starts to strangle oneself in the should be feared web of alliances and foes. World is easier when you tell the world this is how I would work and then you do that. Then you break that web, cause people will find easier to use your procedure than start negociating secret favors. Even more, people realize that it can be worth being like that. You may even become respected for your integrity, and people who also find life easier will subconsciously know that you helped. By the way the word of today is eudaemonist. Which on simple terms means believing that doing the right thing is the must pleasurable thing to do. That one likes to do good because it's fun and one is better as a result of doing it. That's one of the many things I am. (Discovered long ago while surfing the bbs).
There are tons of things I'ld write here: mandarin, günter's b-day, chely's b-day, terminator 3, order of hermes, megaman, yet another talk about my work and life. Too much for one entry, maybe. So what? Take breaks. Sorry there's a little pollo in my psyche. Well there are little . And I'm not talking about a evangelion-kind of another person. There is certain resonance on people I meet. Maybe that's why I can relate to them, bullshit that last thing is crap I just said to train you to a point.

Every persons is unique and everyone is equal. In that i believe, no matter how oxymoron it may sound and how cliched it is by our current standards. Once upon a time, at Oaxaca (On "Misiones" for whoever was curious), I realized that we like to believe that we are equal to mantain it simple. World isn't fair and there are people with definitely more skills, knowledge and traits on general. An old friend said that there will be always a better one than you on anything (which is aproximately fine on daily life). Yet I always mantained that it was wrong (what a surprise isn't). But we had a point, in the absence of a perfect man we are better with the equal falacy. However my "everyone is equal" is more on the human essence/tragedy/comedy than on the superficial level. Uhm He is named José Godinez, anyway. But the original promise (you see, I've already covered why we are equal in previous entries) was to prove that it's wrong to think that one befriends only people with whom you can operate. The answer is because in a basic level we are all compatible. Yes, even when two men on a lone island will kill one another, they are compatible. My proof is we have the same basic needs, so in theory that should be enough to establish a favor-kind relationship. BTW, I'm currently on a project about this theory. Can I befriend some one who I as well may call it cuasi-shadow? The term shadow was long ago taken my brother. Later on this topic.

Ok time for a break.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

I've relearned something of me. More than simple "decidia", I stopped (well statistically dead anyway) with this blog for yet another reason. Cause of Padilla's blog. jeje It's funy but today for third time in a tree day sequence I read padilla's blog right before trying to write my own blog. BTW, I write this without intending offense or mockery. It's more the irony of the situation. The thing is (in plain english) I don't want to have a padilla-kind blog. Half the time I hear myself saying "And here goes one more cliché". Other times I smile at how different padilla is from me (better for both). And finally I sometimes judge him.

The part about cliche I can handle, with some frustration, cause I know myself guilty of writing on this blog similar phrases that have been repeated more than enough, until some have created a firewall against it. And yet with confidence is my belief that they have truth. So the trick should be to present the ideas with a hack... I know that padilla has the best on intentions on writing it, and has several times stated that blog's audience is himself; however I feel a blog should have a responsability.

Our difference makes my happy, our ways are completely different (as blue from a do). I really respect it for many things and I'm sure both think "hey maybe if he tried X thing he will be better". I can't stand without tesing what I believe. Can't get sense of a phrase like "You don't know what to ask" which I think is implied by "You don't know the questions". BTW, mail me if you understand those questions (w-ill at

I am in no position to judge, and yet I do it. It's because of the disparities between I thought of him and what I perceive now and then. Suppose it's an advantage of "reading" thoughts. Please padilla if you read this don't stop it, in fact I think everyone of us should do it. "Knowledge will free us" Thousand times in childhood one has to learn to keep your thoughts from your tongue. Out of education and sometimes cause hipocracy/fear or maximum beneficious... I think that is okey in the first phase of our lives, to learn to control ourselves. Learn our limits and our consequences, call it responsability if you must... But after a time, being frank/honest has a reward. Returning to my initial concept for this entry, one cannot/shouldn't expect to lecture people without knowing before hand that it may cause boredom, not favorable judgement as well as maybe epiphanies =)

I should conclude this entry with a story (following my own proverb).

There was a little dog who knowed not how to pee. Poor animal didn't knew human speech. How much easier would it be if they had tried to teach by a common speech. The way was easier just let him feel, the cozzy grass; the primal urge is the way to go.

How about this?