Saturday, March 11, 2006

Am I starting to sound as a broken record? Hope no. {wo tai lei. wo hen mang.} Ain't a body thing, it's my spirit. I'm about to make a hard turn. Of course that should wait for the work to relieve a bit {yi dian}. And of course, well, there's the thing that I haven't come to a strategy.
Previous Wednesday my secondary pals gathered, almost didn't went 'cause of work. Would have missed much. The thing I more adored about this reunion was the part we aren't catching up anymore. We talk about, well, stuff. Don't know when was the last time I philosophized as well-discussed with girls. Mildred became a letters-and-philospher. Rocio, she's just clever. The main topic was globalization, cultural identity and what's worth preserving. As one might imagine mildred is well aware about the Mexican languages dying because people aren't learning/speaking them anymore. If you know me a bit, you should know that I love languages. However this time I was the practical, pursuing the simple "Hey, languages are great but should we save people or them... I think we should invest in medicine, nutrition and so....". I started with the assertion that many guys/girls think that our Mexican identity is based upon traditions, mixed-blood history and all that richness of having tons of native cultures... And I pointed out, that we can't be serious about preserving that, because no matter how great all that is. Cultures are live organism, we change. Past is as good as what you can get from it. One of the comments was about the ever present fear about being more and more "American". Said, that's bullshit. Yes we are moving to take into account what USians value, but we are bringing with us our share. Both cultures are changing. Anyway, I think I convinced them. I gained insights as to where does Spanish is diverging through out the Hispanic world.
About my birthday, it was fantastic, again I almost missed it. Thanks mariana and monge for your SMSes. I will cherish them. Thanks ceci for the puzzle. Some were there I didn't expect to see, as nura. Appreciate the dissonance effort. Again thanks to those who stayed until the end. For instance daniel, he even doesn't live in this city. I should also name my brother here. Thanks for coming. Yes I realize I haven't named others who had to put some effort to coming, it's just that my life is vibrating in such a way that those things have a special extra. And yes, there were people who I assumed would be around. All in all it was awesome. I can only dream how will life by next year ;)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Small talk. With whom am I to share that I'm working on a very hard to understand problem whose number is 31337? And no one seems to find that special :( Allan would have known better.

I have a great anecdote, no to tell here. It's about julio. He made sure I should talk about it. I won't say what happened, but tell you what I can't say. I can't tell the world the half hour jokes I have in my mind to mock the incident. I can't use it as reference for future julio and the other relationship. I won't narrate the incident to curious guys who ask, "Is julio monotasking?". No, I shouldn't.

"Frutsi, sabor a México." that will be the title adan will give to his blog article. In the lunch, we talked rather extensible about Mexican traditions, and by that I mean current folklore. This you won't see in National Geographic, this doesn't have breasts not cloaked. Which games did we played? To ensure some kind of perspective, there was camilo. He's a Colombian friend. If anyone out there reads this and isn't Mexican, you would probably have thought that Colombia and Mexico would be a lot similar, cultural siblings. If that's the case, I guess we are the older bro. It seems we enjoy punching, scratching, boiling more than our south brothers. For instance, in our school kermis, we blow eggs in each other head! He have 'cebollitas', which basically is about strugling with other kids to separate them. In other words, we have lots of physical encounters with other kids. Touching an stranger is taught to us from childhood. Maybe that's why we grow up more warm, more hugging. In Colombia, there's no sense of drinking your soda or water from a bag! That was shocking to me. Why hasn't stores discover the simple art of selling liquids in bags? Dunno. Anyway, the title of the article was made by me to reflect a simple thing. How many things does a kid do with a frutsi? At the table we found like 6 common things. I mean, we aren't talking about clever hacks (create a binocular), we were telling things any kid does. How amazing is to discover the cultural richness of simple plastic bottles.