Saturday, December 20, 2003

Ok, I keep my promise:
Q: Where does time goes?

A: To the lonely sock heaven, where keys stay to rest...

This comes from a chat with Padilla, who was kind enough to remember me many things I knew. There are many thing to say here, but I will put the emphasis on "it's easier for them to watch yourself on the eyes of the other".

In fact this entry is just my personal notepad of what roght now comes to my mind, yet with the approach to be true to the spirit of this blog.

How many people does your personal sitcom has? I mean, most people are like stunts in our lives...

Monday, December 15, 2003

I so much wish to know another incomprensible language, to write here so many things. But that would defeat the purpose of this blog. So I will write...

Mi espejo se hace pequeño, duele hasta la médula.

This phrase has been going in my head for a while, if you know the meaning contact me. In other news, I feel deep in myself the need for a change, which is a basic instinct. Meaning that this particular urge comes from life. I wish I had a curious enough friend that liked resolving enigmas, so I could stay on my pisces-outfit.

I just noticed that lately, I only return here when I touch deep. That's unfair, for me and for whoever reads this. Life has prove that it is worth living it. Yet, maybe I've fall on the Maya, because I had a wish. I'm not telling about dreams, that's a good thing. I'm telling about a part of myself I'm not full-growing. It's a slice of this guy who has the age of, maybe, 13. I can sure describe with details how it feels and how I get here, but that will not help. That part has to experience to live.

I'm trying hard to better the results. Trying not to repeat what I know has failed, to take some risks, ever greater than the last. And all this seems so rational that I'm sick of it. How do I know it's not hard enough? Maybe by the net sums. Enough of this mood.