Saturday, December 24, 2005

I want to rant. Not so long ago I had this talk with allan and julio about our women ethic. We didn't really defined it, I guess we just assumed to mean how we deal with them. As always, julio wanted to be the first to explain his thoughts. At a point I asked him which women are important to him, and in what manner. I ended up telling him, I wasn't sure it was ok to have so few female roles in his life. As usual the conversation drifted away, but anyway I want to explore that avenue.
Maybe, have spent too much time with tarot-related things; but are helpful to express a simple framework. Take for example nura, she's a good friend, Fool. Don't for a second believe it a pejorative card. It's basic. The well meant simple mind. I know too much to believe in the "all the world is one country, humanity is our citizenship" meme. Then there is mariana, which acts as both the High Priestess and Empress. For she represents both, the potential not realized and the nurturing woman. I have gave her the power to always cherry me up. Next is ivonne, the Hanged man. The unknown is bound to happened. Followed by alba, the Temperance. She is rock solid in a number of ways. I have other female friends, but with this is enough. As my life has aged, I have known Strength, Devil and Moon. The World is yet to be found? Who knows.
Of interest is that I have one great friend for each queen, whose personality reflects their zodiacal nature and all. Synchronicity is how some refer to that. Fire is for ceci, cups for ivonne and so on.

Friday, December 23, 2005

I feel unfaithful, my starting a blog in Blog Central, mainly known because it's the IBM blog server. In other words, I finally succumbed to the blue directive of having one. I expect that place to be full of work related rants. Won't be as "interesting" as here, but hey, there will be another voice in that chorus... Oh my NWO references are crumbling!

On a side note, I finally gave monge a headache. I passed him "Did Jesus Christ Really Live?" Hope he forgives me, for it won't be a happy ride for a while.

In brief, here's the weird last Tuesday. Somehow by 5 I had 3 social plans, all good to go ones. A meeting with my high school pals, a surprise party for someone I didn't knew and diana's posada. What was I going to do? Being in three place at the same place is very awkward, and explaining people after, is tiring. So I concluded that FIFO was the way to go.
Went to the i latina, nice place and had the chance to talk with baps. I missed her. She's annoying, but she's my friend. Have known her since I was six... She has this habit of backgrounding you with tons of non-important details which never come to matter to the point she is trying to tell. And she is mean to those not on her list. And she is banal. Yet, as I have tell you before, she's my friend. Is our friendship a historical accident? Probably, but we both know each other and where around when puberty started. And that counts in my record. I wasn't the nicest kid to have around, always asking strange questions, disobeying perfectly accepted request imposed by society, etc. And yet she was there supporting me. She even asked strange questions. Was that because of me? Dunno. She is the kind of girl who laughs with recent diseases. Anyway, was nice to catch up. Also had a small discussion about the merits of tarot, with her and david.
Then I ran to found the place of the next party. The birthday guy is brother of ceci, btw. The trouble was that I was in a hurry because I was supposed to get early, to be there when he arrived... And that I didn't knew how to get there. He lives in northern-east part of the city a place I rarely visit, ok I had never went to that colony. Had to use my map, my three questions and some luck to arrive, unfortunately five minutes late. No really, it was very lucky. I really really have to thanks that dog for being there when ceci came out to greet me. She's scared of big dogs. And has great jumping skills ;) Recently I have been more in touch with my relatives, specially with a cousin. She suggested to bring a present for the occasion. Thanks also to you. Belgian chocolates, that was the gift. The great idea behind was to bring something not just to that unknown guy, but to everyone. They were yummy.
It is strange to meet another family. They are so kind with me. Ceci's little niece (named Diana) invited me to her 7th bday. I have met other families, david's, pollo's, julio's, allan's and so on. However, they are different. Or at least, the way I see them is. Maybe it's just the timing, when parents and "kids" don't need to have a barrier anymore. All are "adult". That third generation probably pushes the first two tighter. There's also the fact that some families are more open that others, this one is, as proved by how much sibling-like can Dulce and Reyna be with Miguel (the brother). Anyway, I enjoyed the night, listened tons of anecdotes of Miguel, so know he seems familiar.
The not so bright thing was that I couldn't attend diana's party. Of course I can't stop smiling under the idea that I couldn't went, but I'll go to Diana's party. Life has a great sense of contrivance. Any ideas about what to give to a six-year old girl? I'm thinking about a puzzle, or maybe a cabbage doll... Any idea is welcomed.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Am a bit drowsy, haven't slept so much. That's the down side of taking vacations, you get used to them. (That and the immense quantity of work it's collected as by a dike, waiting for your return.) Last Monday, we had our department's posada. It was a well behaved party, food, drink, games and joy in the approbate quantities for a business related meeting... I learned a bit more about Laura, she's very structured, she was the chief host of the party. We made a couple of anecdotes.
We played "chairs". It turns out I'm one of the fastest, that doesn't speak so well of my team, jeje. As usual, one can learn a lot of people by watching how they behave in parties or with a piñata. For instance one teamwork, just didn't tried to blow it, it tempted it as if trying to find the right spot, of course, it moves! So you may imagine how poor strategy it was. Another one, just stroked to the empty space as if waiting that somehow the piñata would show up. Won't say who, but his user starts with am and ends with valdez, jeje. Me? I was knotting la piñata. I missed my knots. Another thing to observe is how people react to the burst of candies. People like me jumps to it without thinking, preying for whatever I can grab and when I feel enough is at my hand; I leave the area. Another teammate crashes over it, making a small bubble of candies. Others wait until the human cloud disperses and gather whatever is left. And of course, there are Autumn People, those who think that playing piñata is for childs... And then there's the aftermath, I just don't eat those candies, the joy is in jumping, not in swallowing. It's ironic how much those A.P. like candies; but, don't ask them to work for them. I guess that proves I don't give a damn about results, just about experiences...

Need to work... next I'll describe all that nonsense toccurredured yesterday Tuesday... I wish I could be in three places at the same time.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Saturday was an unorthodox day. In the morning I was welcomed to msn by mariana telling me, I would ate with her, at chillis, in the centro magno. Thanks for the notice. Didn't want to right away ask her why of all this, so I just continued with normal chat. Then I received a cryptic msg from padilla, "hey memo". Tried to phone him. As a result I discovered that I have forgotten ivonne's graduation (padilla was there...). The day before, I agreed to assist to ivonne's Mass in her graduation's honor. So the day progressed more or less as planned. I should be with mariana, then ivonne, and was certain padilla would show up at the end of the trip...
There's something great about not knowing why one gets a free lunch that makes me smile. We had a great conversation. Mostly, about that strange concept of family we have/had. I like when friendships develop into "you know I care for you. So listen, you are acting as an ass with him/her." And it's really good when that feedback is both ways.
Then we hurried to leave her in her home, and I ran to church. Have seen several of them, and this one felt different. Maybe it was just that it had normal altitude ceil, but it gave me the feel "This place isn't falsely preaching how great is the holly God. This is a plain and honest place to be for those inclined to pray." It had three images, one of them I didn't recognize. I spotted her easily once the Eucharist, started. She was the one helping with the plate. Maybe this will sound redundant but she sure was pretty. Her hair had a party, a blast if you ask me. Some were curly, others straight, and so on in every fashionable way... At the end of the event I approached her. Congrats! She introduced me to her parents (it seems her mother already knew me). We joked just for some minutes. There I realized how time does leave a trace. Couldn't believe how young these boys seemed. Parted away.
Then it came the padilla time. He told me to crash on allan's apartment. It was a night set to philosophy, I guess. We pretty much covered every single interesting topic we could. We even resolved how to make the world a better place. As all of us know, no dining philosopher can be happy in a night without a megalomaniac idea, a spoon and fork. The trick is to have 3 very different guys chewing out good ideas, while someone gets the utensils. Ok ok, I prefer to eat with my bare hands...
Anyway, we got us a fabulous project (yes it will conquer the world in due time). I learned a few things, for instance a kind of Japanese soup and a good question to rise. Anyone who has issues against sex, please stop reading. I wonder when will I shout it. I know it will have to wait a bit. So anyway, ask a female friend: "do you mind if I jerk off in your honor?". No big deal. I left the benefits of that question to the reader.
We had tons of ideas and several other minor incidents happened but here's not the place to find that. Arrived at 3, and went sleeping with the gut feeling that whatever happened to make this day happen, was worth it. Next in the list, karaoke night?? and a meeting with my high school pals.