Friday, July 08, 2005

I'm tired, well, below the waist... I did it 10Km in 70 minutes, this is not the end though :) On a side note, running has the disadvantage of sweating like never before, being extra-sensitive in specific regions (yes, safety belts aren't so nice :P) and having my stomach smashed. Yet, there's one bright thing, there was no monkey mind jumping around yesterday. =)

Also for the record, Wednesday I almost crashed, not my fault. One taxicab stopped in improvisto, and caused a chevy and then an astra to crash... I avoided it, but it was so fast that all happened before I had time to think. I was still with "Shit, I'm gonna hit it" when I was already way a head of the accident, jeje.

p.s. I came across Benedetti's "No te salves", wow.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

These days I have been a lot about running. I have discovered that it is so Zen, that I like it even more than when I started doing it. Now it doesn't make sense when people tell me that running for the sake of running is boring. It's all an inner battle. The first time I reached the 5km mark I had just one thing in my mind, keep breathing. When I was a child and ran, always ended up with the stomach messed up and my mouth dry... Yeah dumb me didn't just shut the mouth. From my stand, it looks as if that monkey mind will be fighting all the way up to the 10km... As my stamina has increased so has it. By 4Km, it starts telling things like "aren't you thirsty?" "today is hot, isn't?" "you can stop, you have done enough." What I have learnt is not to argue with the devil :) I have to say it. I'm confident my body is ready, just my inner guts need to synchronize. I have a couple of cards to play if necessary, but I think I will play this by will alone!
Uhm, all this rant went from this standard narration of what happened today... I decided that today was the day I would run and run. I'll even skip the "Martes Deportivos" that I enjoy so much, to those who don't know, every Tuesday, some friends and pals from the work meet to play some kind of sport, it's a two hour circus :) I'm not that good or coordinate in any of these games, but I play my best and sometime I score ;) Anyway, got my shorts and leaved the office directly to the park. While driving it starts raining. "Don't worry it is just dropping some water here and there, all be fine." I swear I even saw a hole in the clouds in the direction the park is located. Yes, even that "Godly" ray of white light and all.
And I'm sure someone in "La Primavera" (the forest outside this city) got a sunny day, not my luck. I was in the parking lot thinking "don't worry, thin clouds, how long can it rain, how about if you wait 15minutes, there's this book you haven't read". Ten minutes later, "do you hear it, it's calming". Five minutes later, a thunder a lighting. "This won't work!" C'est la vie. What can one do when nature is against a single guy?
Well, you can run inside... like in a gym... and that's what I did =)
p.s. thanks Allan for all the proofreading of AECH. He has helped a lot, even though I think he gets a bit too Management-y (probably that many talks with Hagen).