Friday, October 07, 2005

Sometimes I rationalize myself claiming to do what I do because someone had to do it. I mean, yesterday I kicked a random car, why? No reason really, I saw it, and knew someone had to kick it. That wheel was to narrow for its own good. An alarm sounded. Anyway, I think that's how I Tao. However, all that comes to naught when my feelings are in the stake.
I know what to do, and I tremble. Yesterday I made a rose, one purpose, give it to her, as a thanks. However once finished I couldn't see any beauty in it, horrendous. Tear it apart, no one should have known about it. Now, you all know me, or you should... Some guys think I never finish things, they err, they don't follow all the thread. Once I will it, I do it in one form or another. So this morning I started all over. This time a thinner orange-white paper.
To tell you the truth I did most of it in the way to the office, so that's probably either the stupidest idea I have had or a witty one. I was driving here all fresh, when I saw the overwhelming traffic blob. The rain caused a couple of semaphores to turn off... Anyway, folding paper in that place is extravagant I admit, but hey I love it.

ps. Yes I did gave this one.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

And she said "No". It wasn't the big no, it was a wedding, after all. Yet I have to say, to admit. I like her. Feel things are going good and smooth (even though I despair). Things are coming down as nature moves invisible threads, I don't know from where I got some inspiration or some manners, instincts, I hope. However, I know the source of the transpiration, that's what matters :)

ps. almost forgot, it's really nice when she pays for you the icecream and the movie (since you forgot your money)... I'm not bratting, it just feels good... I supposedly shouldn't do that, but hey what do I know... lo'e selfri cu xamgu

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

For several day I have been learning toki pona. It is pretty cool and easy to learn. My first attempt:
insa utala li lon lawa mi.
mi wile lukin kiwen seme.
mi wile lukin telo seme.
mi wile ala lukin ona meli seme.
ona mute li toki ni: mi wile wawa.
ante sona ale toki.
mi ale wile pona mute tan ni ike
mi ale wile tomo lon sewi.
olin en ona olin e mi
ni li ken ike seme.

It is supposed to ba a tao-oriented language. That's why I learnt it, anyway. BTW, IRC continues to be amusing. My lojban is growing exponentially... what?

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It's time to have a match.