Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Last weekend we went to guayabitos. By "we" I'm referring to ara, migue, diego, reyna and myself, but mostly to ceci's family and this guy. Have no doubts, I intended this to be a friends trip, alas it was really a family trip. I have said it before, trips main feature is how it make us bond. At the start of the travel, there I was with 50 more persons. My seat was far away from my friends. I tried to stay positive, maybe I could meet nice people. It sounds elitists, but I only found kids and old ladies. Surely that wasn't what I expected.
From the start, I felt a stranger among these people. They were friendly but I was the only guy they didn't recognize. Somehow I wasn't a long forgotten cousin. They knew it. I decided to sleep and take this weekend as a full rest stop. Alas, my friends hadn't the same plan. I'm not a sporty but with these guys I spent the weekend swimming, running, sporting (volley, soccer, football). And all was good.
Well, I had surpassed the first encounters and as the hours passed they come to accept me. I really didn't have problems with the kids. I know how to handle them. Just make them curious. However I had a second obstacle. I realized all my friends in this trip have a SO. Damn it. It was so easy for dynamics to go wrong. Awkward couple-time. Yet reyna was benign enough to not let it happen much. Now that I think it, women in general were the ones who cared no to leave me behind. They perceived it.
After these obstacles I got out of it with both active-full and quiet moments. I got some nostalgia as well. I missed karina, sure, but also ceci. I never went with she to any travel. Countless times she invited me to this same concept. Alas the world isn't as we wish it to be.
So this travel had all it needed to make me feel lonely and powerless, nonetheless I feel it was a great trip. Why? Because trips may not only serve as bonding experience, maybe these are the places to try new things. Be the fool you can be. Whatever works, keep it, whatever don't, no harm was done, keep on :D This guayabitos was the place where I first snorkeled, did magic tricks for kids and get to know a bit better reyna (which I should have done before).

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