Monday, June 19, 2006

This weekend a change happened somewhat in the general story. I could feel how the start of a new season was in the air. My weekend was full of small inconsistent dreams, tiny parties, waking ups too early in the morning and just guys who are out of my normal social net. For instance, I went to 2 Masses (one of them a Baptism). Another thing I found amazing is how I have come to interact with ceci's family. It's somewhat strange to discover oneself surrounded by the family of your friend. Talking to them as if I knew them from always. Being invited to a family trip, where your friend won't be, and so on.

There's an increasing fear growing in my inside. I'm stupidifying myself... Last Saturday I discovered that I truly enjoy beer flavor. Now I can watch soccer games with real amazement. I can't do a simple t-test!! I tried without success to do a double integral, and it goes and goes. Did I mention that I had to review my SQL a bit :(

If I were to have a start up I would do a _______ with Ruby. I bet I could win a lot of money from it. Do I have time for it?? Well for now, it's just a dream.

Can't say I miss you.