Monday, August 07, 2006

Disclaimer: Don't like the idea of this blog becoming a dream journal, but hey, sometimes you feel like it's worth sharing. There's a reason, so give me time.

It's the future, maybe 20 years. I know it is because I'm on a black van with a complex console. Even automatic pilot. I'm in the highway, trying to figure out how to return to the office. I'm in my 46 year old body but with the knowledge of Today. Don't know how to use that machine. Anyway somehow I figure out a "return to work" command. I walk to the storage building (to those of you in the known is the former Olympus). I'm searching for something, don't know what, but I'll know when I see it.
Security is coming, activated a silent alarm. Messed things up, by mistake I start a fire! Then my old laptop. Reach for it. There's a cat in the building. I die crushed by a pillar. It doesn't matter, was able to power up my old machine. Then the cat starts talking, "hey, didn't expect to see you, not in this reincarnation." It talks to a phantasm, it's me but I look different. My name is Fernando, I look like a Spanish Conquistador. Now I realize it. I go from one incarnation to the other with two disguises. One is Memo, the other Fernando. Alternating lifestyles. Reply to the cat, "needed to get this form to have enough willpower. I won't exist for much in this cocoon so I need to be swift."
Now I'm in secondary. It's me again in my fifteen year body, but with my knowledge of today. I'm more than fond of being around my old young friends. Don't know how I came here but try to start a conversation with pepe. He responds with his childish normal way of being. That's where I understand, of course I can't expect sensible conversation, we are all 15 years old. There's david and baps. I let them go, I know I will have years to talk with them. So I look up for lidia. (My best girl friend.) Start to chit chat. Nothing fancy. Just how much I want that friendship to always last. She asks puzzled why I say that to her. "Because you are a unique person. You are very special to me." "Common, I'm as special as every person in the world is, everyone, you can call unique." "Yes, but you are different, you changed me." "That's why we are gonna fall apart?" That she said in a really angry mood. (Not that unusual for her character). "I didn't want that! Forgive me!" And then she runs away.
Then there's a familiar scene of chase. The good news is I always have someone who directs me so I stay right behind her. We are running when I see a 12-year kid falling from a high place. "Damn, if I help him, will loose her," I think. Anyway with a bit of Forces I gently do some wind to let him grab himself to a plant. There I realize that even if I'm 15 I have the magic... Continue running. By this time I'm pondering if I should use more magic. Know I should avoid being caught, 15-year old memo didn't got caught... We run to La Calma. There another kid is being thorn away by an evil plant.
All the mood is darker. As if to let me know something bad is gonna happen. Again Forces to unravel the poor kid. Do a sprint. Just in time to notice how she goes into a car with someone. He most be her future boyfriend. That's where I stop pretending to be mundane and just fly behind them. I can't let her go without a talk, a last talk.
I observe how a huge crash is gonna happen. Not to her! NO! I won't let it happen! SLOW TIME!! Then gently move the car a bit. Let the normal time resume. And then another imminent crash. "Come on, this can't be true!" Again slow motion to avoid the accident. Now it's gonna crash with a wall. There I say, that's enough.
I turn to my back and there, surely they are there; No one else but Death, the Ripper and Time, the Hungry. Try to negotiate with those guys. Can't I move the entropic knot about 5,000 mile above us? (This would have prevented any death for some time...) Death looks me in the eye as if "you sure?" Quick thought, I don't want an airplane crash... "Oh come on, how about 5 light-years away? Sure there most be a safe point in a sphere 5 light years around me!" Time looks at me with a gaze, "point where?" There I resolve how futile is to beat them... Well almost... "Death, how about if we go for some drinks? For the old days..." They happily agree.
Of course, I took lidia with me to the bar. While we are there, we can talk! Now I look like myself again. And lidia is changed, she surprisingly looks like 26. She's gonna have that terrible accident and would need years of therapy. But now I know. We catch each others life. Most I don't remember. When I was with Death and all of them, I had Clarity. My 46 year self made an enchanment to transport me to my past to heal myself. (With the glitch of accidentally forwarding me some years in the future for a brief period.)
During the moment I shared with lidia, I had the time to hug her as I always wanted to do, one last time. To tell her how much I miss her and so on. Don't know why she is so important in my life, but one day I will discover.
The last thing she said was, "I know you think you can discover me by msn, but you won't. Stop looking there." I was about to tell her, it was a honest mistake. When Death told me, "you know there's a price to pay." Time, that's it.
I woke up at 8:00am, didn't hear my 6:30 alarm. Damn Time! Anyway I awoke with Clarity. Anyone with enough meditation hours knows what I'm talking ;)

Life is Good.