Saturday, February 21, 2004

This morning I had the intention to get my passport, have some fun time with Yorch and work a bit. None has happened. The car doesn't work, Yorch is working and that machine doesn't have a floppy drive.

I have this issue against writing here. None of my ideas seems right for this place, for now. Maybe some random ideas can help. Clarke (author of childhood ends and 2001) quoted: "If you have a message to tell, send them via FedEx". This, when asked if his books had any meaning behind.

One habit I have is trying to leave every door open. I love to have options. My bookshelf has tons of books I wish to read, that were bought thinking "when I had nothing to do I'll read it". I know how to make small explosives, give RCP, read astrological charts... it really doesn't matter if I ever use that knowledge. My hobby is to learn.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

As usual if I left this place for long I had many things to tell you, but they don't seem to be appropiate now (due in respect for the great respect I have for this corner). For several days I have been having this wish, to own a special kind of sound effect machine. Imagine a walkman-size device that has up to nine buttons. Each button produces a Live Soundtrack effect. It can be heard about 3 meters around. Who doesn't want a sound effect console to make more explicit the obvious sitcomicity of life? I've yet to decide what are the nine more useful sounds. (BTW, I use nine cause I heard that nine is the maximum number of easy to handle things that one can control [have you wondered why sets of ten are so difficult to learn?]). The first one is clear, that sound one no longer hears but is made when a vinyl record is stopped. It feels odd but I think most will remember the analogous era of music. There's no day I don't have the urge to hear that after someone says a real amazing phrase that gets you out of balance. Another basic one, is the grasshoper sound that goes when there's a comment with no fun. Or imagine a prerecorded laugh just like in your favorite tv show? Well, we have padilla, but he isn't around so often, jaja.

On my third life I did a clumsy attempt of personal webpage, that was when 2/3 of the internet had "Work in process" signs... back when Netscape was the omnious ruler. I don't know where it is, or if it continues to exist at geocities. It was pretty ugly, I most warn you. However I wrote "the best way to undertand the universe is to create one yourself". And that message continues to bell inside. Now, with tons of psychology, philosophyand my atheism all this is quite more complex.

If you created an Universe, how would it be?

The answer gives more personal info of you that one can imagine. It even creeps to the religion sector of our lifes. Some people decide that the universe is okay as it is, but some after understanding the implications start to do some changes. Allan pointed out the great sacrilegous thing of this concept. "Trying to be like God" I, for real, don't think that this idea is dangerous for the faith in one person. The opposite might be true, since one can, if you think long enough, get answers of why some things work as they do. For example I, for one, got quite complicated trying to prove my existence to the creatures in that imagination of my own. It is almost completely imposible to achieve a free will entity and convince him of being his author (if he is really sceptic). I found one way at least... but I keep it secret. And before I thought it I was believing that maybe it is really hard for the creator to have it easy for their beloved sons... Yes, believing. Yet my friends, then I wake up from that thoguht of train. I got caught on my own inventions! I deliberatedly created a problem where the universe must have a creator, so how not to have some sympathy for her/him.

I think this topic has more to offer...