Monday, April 13, 2009

My life is perfect at the moment. I guess that's a rich way to say why I haven't blogged for a while. I even feel the need to have an excuse, hehe. This doesn't come as an epiphany or out of struggle. I have known this for quite some time. And I know it won't last and I enjoy it nonetheless.

For some days, I have been specially "inner lifey", maybe "dreamy" is a better name. I call it "literate". I have this vice of thinking that if life is too pleasant, then there's no story. So I create one. Nowadays, I don't start from scratch, not most of the time. I have a couple of inner stories that keep getting better. I hope to write them down one day. However, if I never do that, almost certainly; I will smile wondering if ever some other human ever thought that story. I have come to love-hate archetypes. I have gone so far as to assume they are specie-bound. What kind of archetypes would my imagined species have. I have this sentient worm like race fighting for a life without culture. What kind of dreams bind them all together? They mostly don't die or have sex. They cannot trust. They have but one rite of passage. What tree of life could they adore?

In another line of thought, I have this series of short stories about adventures across the omniverse. Basically, the omniverse is everything. There we exist and so does the marvel universe or ranma 1/2 or star trek. Each separated and normally unaware of each other. The thing is that the omniverse is really a tree. Does three universe exist because someone in our "verse" thought them out. Though star trek probably has their own version of cinderella. If it is just the same story, then both universe most be able to interact with the cinderella-verse. As you see, verses are one-way mirrors. Someone "real" in the parent verse, can interact. Enter almost at will. You are not necessarily a god among them. Hey, you can't be almighty in the world of warcraft. There are rules. These stories are supposed to be about misterious crimes across the omniverse. No regular cast, but a common goal. I haven't read "seven soldiers of victory" but sounds like a good reference. Ironically I won't do any fanfic. I don't want to get all nihilistic with these stories, though I won't mind exploring what can we do to survive knowing we aren't real. I will try to be as disrespectful of abraxas as possible. I know all this sounds so postmodern, but I'm trying to explore characters that make mistakes. With any luck the omniverse is a good place to notice special errors. I, as a writer, have the problem that in my characters are too smart in their verses. They get things the first time something happen. They do have problems of attitude, goals and dreams, but they are just too efficient. Maybe if I do a verse so bizarre that I myself don't get it, I will have them trip over the edge.

Anyway, good luck.