Monday, February 06, 2006

Life is a roller-coast, Sunday 2AM I was all joy... Then all went dark. Maybe I should start a few days before. Last Friday was one of these days I feel just like flow. Let good coincidences happen all around, all be fine. That's how I ended up accepting to do a ribbon bow. Or how by mere accident I asked ivonne to go to the billiard. Didn't have any secret agenda, only have fun.
It was a merry night, full of laughs and could almost sense flirt was born somewhen. Ceci said she wouldn't come to the church, and somehow, that idea was kept. Before I knew, inside an inner joke, we(ivonne and myself) were going in a quest for a church. The problem was, I didn't knew where it was. Where was the church I once saw? So by mere fae logic I asked her to give me random directions. And yes, we arrived shortly after. We joked about marriage in that church. I had to tell her it was too fast for me. I wanted to invite some friends. Fiuu... Then we went for another random location. We found a restaurant. Long ago, we had tried to go there, but it was closed. This time things were different. We got a table. It was a good place to be; however, we didn't have a clue what to ask or had any reason to really be there. So I ordered two fried ice creams. :9 A couple of times, I'm sure the staff saw us weird. That was perfectly good for us. Next in the list, go to the billiard. And it was great. I think I played better than ever. So that night finished and I felt, uhm, lady fortune is happy.

Next Morning woke up early, my abue is coming! She just spent two days with us, but it was great to see her. Didn't had much chance to talk, or be with her, but was good. Then it was time to assist a wedding. Went with david. It was strange to enter the temple and hear the gospel in English. The would-be-husband-now-it-is guy is usian, so most of the rite was in that language. Had the chance to greet some old faces (think both connotations). Before I continue, have to say it. When we were walking to find the temple we had the luck that Vania encountered us. She did knew the place. She was wearing a great skirt. There I wondered, why do I don't see more of them, more often?? Did I mentioned she's a runner? Anyway, another highlight of the evening was the remembrance gift. They gave feng-shui bells to every gal in the room. Had to express it. Catholic church + Protestan guy + Feng-shui gift = Post modern event. Anyway before we could prevent it, the happy new couple leaved to the party. The unusual bit was, the plan wasn't david and me going there. We never asked for tickets 8-) So our next challenge was to go there, greet jessica and exit before someone noticed. David wasn't sure we should go, so I told him. "david, all you need is confidence. Act as if you were in the right place and all will be right". Guess what, it happened. We were the only guys who the hostess didn't ask for tickets (so we stayed). The secret is "greet, keep smiling". However david was reluctant to accept the good luck. "In any moment the rightful people will ask for their chair in their table." "Don't worry! We will find a way. Besides, what's the worse that could happen?" At some point I had to go to the w.c. there david said, "don't leave me, once you go, they'll come". And sure enough, that's precisely what happened. Yes yes, life tend to do what we ask, would say padilla. Hate when you antropomorphy life like that. I'm sure she despises it. :P Anywho, I wasn't going to leave my meal until I ended so they appended a couple of chairs, big deal. :D Party was fun. Danced a bit, learned a bit. Attempted to hear one rhythm and follow another with one hand and a third one with the other. Great talks with david. Met rocí­o's boyfriend, great guy. Vania and his friend, I swear, are Will&Grace. More time talking with jorge and his Portuguese-Canadian girl. Didn't knew that Alberta was to Texas what Canada is to USA. Finally the party was over, but we had more in the agenda. How about karaoke. In vain, tried to convince vania to come along. She had to run half-marathon the day after, what a excuse. Anyway, I had said to ceci that I'll go, so I went with david. Knew he would be big fish in that pond :D Went basically to hear ceci sing. Had heard she was good. Believe me, it's true. Not as good as david, but she has a special song voice. It's like her true toughness reveals there. Knew I'll be forced to sing, so I went with david in a couple of them. It was fun to sing. Even more when david tried to instruct me via signals "lower your tone, lower!". There I made plans for next Friday, karaoke at ceci's place. We exited around 2:30 AM.
You see by this moment you probably forgot me telling you about all becoming dark... As we walked to the car, she made a question. I wasn't sure of the answer, if I knew it and if I wanted to know, so I declined to say anything. Then she said a phrase that hurt me, for no logical reason, that I prefer to keep private... Numb the rest of the way. *sigh*

p.s. I cancelled a dinner with she and her family that Sunday. And thanks jaime for the movies.