Saturday, July 24, 2004

Yesterday we had a party, the excuse was to celebrate my promotion. I can't say it was really wild, but sure enough was great. Lots of laughs in every direction. I even got drunk. My first "hidalgo". I think everybody enjoyed the night. I woke up today with a dim headache, nothing that hurts, but ever pressing, as if it were background noise.

It's fun that there's no simple way to tell what we did. I mean, we had a party, but activitie? uhm, chatting, dancing, playing "abuelo", that doesn't seem so compelling. Or at least that was what some people thought when told. =) The trick is to be there. And here I'm talking about life ;)

I learnt a few things, garbage food isn't enough, when asked to dinner, say yes. Before going to bed, recall the night, that would help keeping clear your mind. I know that those tips my sound as if I went terribly wrong yesterday, which isn't the case, they are tips a la foreshadowed =)