Friday, September 29, 2006

Exasperated, to excite the anger of. Lemme tell you this, calmness, parsimony... Those I can relate. However, sometimes, it happens. Normally I try to breach other heads, think feel like the other. Surround myself in their paradigm, with his/her lifestyle, values, etc. Several times I do that so well I don't remember where the line connection was. So for instance when I argue with them, I can't see the error in their argument or why the heck did I thought otherwise. Yet, sometimes that process fails. While building the sim, I see some long term consequences and I stop right there. That's usually the way I become exasperated, something like "WTF!!! Why do you stay believing that??!?"

Today, it's because ceci thinks that "because I want" is all the answer (other answers are pretexts??) that exist for the questions "why do you do X?"... "Because I want"... WTF... I know you want it, that's why you doing it... But why? Can't comprehend why people stay in that level.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Have I had a geek webcomic the script for number 10 would be something along:

Panel I
(adam, paul and will walk through corridors)
Welcome to our routine
Indeed, line 30
I'll keep my day work...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

And some kind of circle closed started. My return to Magic: the Gathering was somewhat less joyful but more passionate than I imagined. Only once did I felt the soar, and it was in the last game. More on that later. The game is good, I admit that much. It's hyped, but it is well designed. Came to play again, basically because a guy (which I hardly know) was so dull to say it was bullshit. Just because he doesn't get it. I'm honest, neither do I. Know enough to know how far I'm to comprehend it. Yet, that was enough for me, to try it again. Can't defend a guy/game I have so savagely criticized. My thing against the game, is how much collectible card game defines it. I get it, they want to make money. The problem is I want to do things besides playing it. Another thing, just like chess, it stays in my mind when I'm not playing. It's intriguing, complex, and funny to carefully plan strategies that your mates won't ever think. Mix all that and you have a problem. So in brief, their great success is the reason for me don't liking it. It tempts too much. As with any drug, I guess I'll learn to control it or avoid it.
Now, that I showed the abstract reason, let's pass to the other bad things. One of the things which bothers me the most of playing that game, is the mood it creates. And I'm talking to you, james and julio. Can hear so many times usher how much you'll bash the other... If I could ask one thing to change, that would be. I know there's a card you have that will surely atomize the other. I get it. Please, only please, stop the bickering. It's no fun to see your rivalry displayed for a bunch of cards! Wanna beat each other, use your fists! We are trying to engage in battle, the multiverse future depends on it... Can't we act like grown ups and whoever spills blood first wins?? :D jejeje kidding.
Ok ok, so you have read so far, you'll probably think I wasted my time or that I won't play anymore... Nah, I did like it. Julio was right, it resonates with past times, good old past times. Have changed, have grown, have so and so, and yet; I can still sit down with my friends and do stupid silly spells. And who can take away the pleasure that is destroying pollo's futile dreams of any victory :D My sweet master stroke was a simple, attack with everything, March of the Machines! And then once again :P I leaved pollo with 2, and had it been not that he bet all to one creature, that I could tap, I would met my end...