Monday, June 20, 2005

I don't have much to write, except that I'm in a fool mood. Today I counted 9 activities I shall restart or people may notice problems, I mean, like Japanese guys yelling, a lot :/ I ran 3.9 km in 30 min, that's 100meters less than last time, and even though I ran more in control, it doesn't feel good to have a lower mark. Then there's the "I'm the last one" crap that got me. You know, the loneliness catches up... Just to have better ending, here's a trivia: if you search for "anti chiva", guess who's blog appears ;)

It's just a joke dude. :P

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Today I had a happy revelation, Julio got himself a girlfriend! Hurra! Really, that's great and I wish him my best in that phase of his life that's opening. =) Now let's narrate what has happened in this weekend.
I got punched a few times by Pollo, at last. I can't tell you the exact motive, but sometime ago I asked him to punch me if I ever tried something. I asked it, as a special, very special favor. I did tried that stupid thing and pollo didn't punched me, but Friday at last he did it. Thanks. Mariana and others that were around made a strange face when they saw it, jeje.
That day I did a couple of things that should also be remembered, I went to saide's bday party at the döze. The twist is that when we leaved saide and a guy asked us if we were a couple ^o) Just friends! And seriously, that's all I feel, more going to the "she's like the sister I don't have" point in the spectrum. She is in deep love with her boyfriend. Anyway, I guess that people just saw how comfortable we are with each other.
We leave early, because she wanted to go to Becker's anniversary, in a place called Fbolko. I enjoyed the place, it's a warehouse with some paints. It has something special to hear live music. I knew several guys there. Pollo entered the story at that point. I even knew the bass guitarist. Fun was in the air when the slam started :)
I could tell you about batman begins, but it's enough to mention the phrase that got me:
It is what you do, that defines you.