Friday, December 09, 2005

As my nick suggest, I think the line between acceptance and will, is really the hard path of life. Knowing the right notch to turn up the music. On one side of the cliff, I got some jewels as showing her Notre dame, pretending to be fish-lifters, or petting number 3 to grow into a happy 4... How ridicuously absurd is that? Don't know, but they were great moments. On the other, it the simple truth she is by far interested in me. So we can spend great memories, things I don't think anyone besides she and me would enjoy... But that's it. Do I accept the deal? There's magic, but no chemistry maybe... I don't get that kind of chemistry...

Somewhere in "God's Debris" it says, that men judge people by what they do for him, while women by what they sacrifice. In other words, for a man it's more important what one does, while a woman values what one stops doing. Even fierros has said, men expect their partner to not change with time, while women the opposite, and both are wrong to judge that way. In the same vein, it says that we should learn, not form the mistakes a person makes, but by how (s)he reacts. Padilla, if you read this blog, read it. Food for my no-thought.

Future says, I'll be a pirate =D and I'm not going to work for some days, yay.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Have to stop reading in-between-lines, really! My stupid monkey mind is messing a lot my perceptions... Damn it. I'll try to meditate 15min every day, maybe that could work... I invite her out, and her nick changes to "sabes que iré a donde tú vayas"..And all can be an illusion... Two more cubes of Zen, please...

Monday, December 05, 2005

First, here's a webcomic worth reading, not for everyone.

Today is ceci's birthday, great joys and the best of the luck! She looked awesome today, her smile glowed with happiness while we sang "Happy Birthday to You". I gave her a small gift. It was a DVD, "Only You", her favorite movie. It was wrapped in a Triden Blueberry package, knew it was her favorite gum. =) I could feel she really loved the detail.

There's not so much to tell, but it feels right. I could talk how surprised she was when we all came to sing, with a pair of cakes. Or the face she did when somebody tried to kiss her. Yet, I guess it's only for me, my memory, that beautiful face of gratitude to me, while we all sang.

Maybe I could try to write down, why she is important... Let's see, I enjoy standing by her side. My childish sense of humor blossoms whenever she is near. I can talk dumb things as which princess is best or deep ones, with the same certain sense of being heard, not judged and appreciated. I have come to trust her secrets no one else have heard, and more important, we have healed me in a way. In the same way, I have cheered her up, and that makes me feel in the right place, the right moment. She is a muse to my creativity, I do things, never done before, thanks to her. And above all, she's weird, as in 8 of pentacles. =)