Sunday, February 17, 2008

Truly, this deserves to be a lengthy entry. Somehow I feel I won't make it justice. My new-year changes are settling down. I'm beginning to take them as baseline. Karina is part of my life more than ever. We have plans. No, not that kind of plans. :p Anywho, she's in my head and is the greatest of my worries. In a good sense. I deeply care for her, so I'm worried about a new pattern in our relationship. Btw, this is in no way an invitation for suggestions or tips for my relationship, thanks for understanding. I am reading "The art of loving" by Erich Fromm.
The basic premise is that love is something to be made, not found. That's about as true to the rest of my worldview as it can. I hope to understand a bit better how this thing works. Some guys hate theories. Some friends despise them. I, on the other hand, I am a mapper. I trill on them. That's why I don't want my friends opinion in this matter.
That almost sounds emo, jejeje. I know I'm not feeling anything not seen a thousand times, but it is my baby. My first link.
As always in a mappers life, this brings me to my business life. Three, maybe more, friends and myself are working our buttocks to make a new company. It is outside my life plan, and at the same time it will be part of the backbone! How exciting! That's why I freaked out when I cam to the conclusion that my partners were thinking about 'exit strategies'. Or when they rejected my somewhat idealistic world view about a 100% transparent enterprise. For me, this isn't about money. It's life. I'm reading about management, hiring policies, who would have imagined? My first link.
In retrospective, I pushed for too much. I wished them to understand a new way of working. That's too much to ask when you are learning the ropes. I still think my way would be fantastic, but now I know better. One jump at a time. I'm growing. :D
Yesterday came another Jugatlon (the event we created to perform magic, game design). I got there with a fabulous idea. I grew it in 2 hours. I showed them. They weren't as ecstatic as I wished. And that was great. For once I shut myself down and concentrated in making it more for the people, not a lecture. I get it :D People have fun with the game design, but come for the dress! My first link.
I made 2 worthy innovations for this first tabletop game! That's much more than I had expected. And I have a third, for my toolkit. That mechanism was excellent, but you know what? It was too much for the game :D The second time I explained it. This time to a first comer, albane. I just thought "I don't need to explain this exotic rule. The game is strong enough to not need it." Voila, we all had fun and the juicy part wasn't any less for that rule exclusion. Even more, I think I could get with my game only having 1 of the innovations. Great jugatlon!

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