Saturday, November 11, 2006

Last night I met two girls. With one I was passive, with the other aggressive. Guess with which one I got a better response? Let me first describe what am I referring to. With one I was to the best of my knowledge the best listener, the best friend, the best caring people, all comprehension, your feelings are right, empathy, etc. The other case, I was a jerk, I mentioned that I might not remember her the next Monday, when she said she wanted to go out of the party, I said, no. I mocked her. And so on. I have the bad feeling that most of you know the answer, and no matter how bad I paint one scene you already know that being aggressive works better! I hadn't talked with the girl for more than ten minutes, and I was already telling her if there was any lunar I could see to remember her! What a jerk. She acts timid and says no. Yet, she starts grabbing my arm. Few minutes after, she starts asking if someone could take us a photo. And I can sense she doesn't like when the host wants to appear in the photo, even though it's host's birthday and the camera is of the host. The chat continues, she says she needs to go, she has to wake up early. That enters one ear, exits the other. No, you don't go anywhere, it's my response. How can this work?? Of course, I'm not only rude to her, I also make her feel good but, wrongly enough, less than me. Again, why this works? Someone explain me! I make her feel like a princess, while I charade I'm mysterious. I ask we leave the party, have a proper dinner. I see a spark in her eyes. Unfortunately her sister comes in, and stops it. I can feel her sister is somehow jealous or maybe protective?? I know the sister, we joke around in the office. I start talking a lot. Like if I were full of myself, like if I gave a shit of what she could possibly talk. Is she charmed? When someone tries to interrupt me for anything, I dispatch him, and she smiles and winks me. A couple of hours later, her sister comes, they have to go. Her sister literally, grabs her out of my corner. She seems sad to say farewell. She goes to say bye to the host and the few people she knows. Weaving his hand, anyway. One person before me, someone I know she doesn't know, starts kissing in the cheek. Now's my turn and she warmly approaches me. After me she must have forgotten there are more people in the room, because she just turn around and leaves. As she's about to cross the door, she turns back, smiles and says once again, good-bye. Can anyone explain to me why this works? Before she leave, I asked her to go for lunch someday. I think I might get in touch with her on Monday. I think I behaved like a jerk. Not intentionally, but nonetheless, a stereotypical brute men. The first woman, I was boring, I guess. Though she said what a wonderful listener, and how intelligent I am. So even if she though well of me, there was no click or anything. Just like meeting someone on the bus, maybe. On the other hand, with this girl I could feel how we made a bubble of reality. All these I did by pure instinct, I can't even say it was alcohol, my economy doesn't permit me to be drunk. Strange world.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

With 3272 under my belt I feel pretty good and at the same time, late. By the end of tomorrow I should have 15 thousand words :S Anyway, I have been working on stupid technical problems. Ceci asked if she could read what I had until know and I discovered a glitch in my LyX experience. All day I had relearn LyX and Latex. All for this:
At least the title is ready :P "Aquellos Entonces: La Crónica Real". On other news, Allan and Jaime continue on the run :)

Should I point that I have got a couple of surprises from doing this? Or is it too soon. I mean, I'm amazed of how some things are turning on. It's no secret that sometimes writers find themselves unable to make their characters do certain things... They get their own free will. Now I can count myself on that group! (The first, to my knowledge.) Also, there's a character that I didn't imagine at first, but it continues to pop on. I'm writing about something and he wants the light and does something stupid/witty... Yes, maybe it's too soon.