Friday, April 21, 2006

Five seconds ago I send this note to Neil:

Hi Neil, it's probably weird to ask but I have to. Today I woke up and while I opened my eyes, realized a curious thing about my last dream. Around my many pesky little stories I got one constant thing, all the time I had with me a book. It was no other but one of yours, there it was a story about Despair. Through all the night I got the chance to see just a couple of pages. It was a busy night... What I recall is that it was a story about a double face Despair. I remember my amusement about how you managed to mix the story about the last Dodo on earth with Despair. One of the last panels had the Dodo saying "Ok, I'll calmly pass away, just let me share my secret." And then it was obvious that Despair wasn't in a good mood as she strangulated him. Anyway, my question is, will we see the Despair death story? Maybe a 15th gift? It feels surreal to find in dreams your not written story...

Guillermo Alcantara, Mexico

And yes, I got a good good post but hadn't have the time to write it down... sorry.