Friday, October 14, 2005

Brief update, you know that little details today, make a difference in the long term, so let us not forget some of them. For instance, last Thursday IBM launched a new program entitled "10,000 steps", they gave us podometers to count how much we walk. Too many of us, ten thousand seems a lot, then they say "and by the way, that number is to be reached daily". However now I know it's trivial. Just yesterday I got 13,080 without even attempting to do anything out of my routine. Anyway, hope this helps... I plan to use it for better purposes, behind a complex plan involving dance lessons 8-) (I wasn't the only one entering the program...)
Another brush. At last I met Bruno, adan's baby. He is really big, for his 5 months or so. I have come to care about him in an uncommon way, because people have let me know multiple times how much adan and myself look alike. (Adan is a workship I made almost as soon as I started working here.) When the baby looked at me, he made strange faces, and his dad said "maybe he thinks you look familiar" Jeje =) I even had the opportunity to carry him a bit. Another spectacular thing about him, is that adan has got his mind on teaching his son ASL. Who would have convince him of such a magnificent idea? 8-) (Whenever you see me, you can ask how to sign "dirty diaper")
It needs more color in here, red please. Been going to the movies every Wednesday, for 3 weeks. Each film having nothing to do with the others. For instance I thought we were going to see a romantic comedy, and we ended up watching "Touching the void". Have to say it, thanks to life I didn't had to watch the virgin at 40 thing... Anyway, it's a great movie, to those of us who have a little patience, slow start. It's a documental, a story of Humans desiring, risking, losing, surviving, living. One of the quotes I loved was, "You'?ve got to keep making decisions. If you stop making decisions, you'?re stuffed." More on quotes, below...
Maybe if I draw here. Few hours ago I went to conference, Embracing success without putting your hands. It was excellent, her name is Adriana, and she has charisma made of pure optimism. She is a complete white wizard. And she born without arms. It was kinda weird being me in that place. I normally can't resist the temptation to just avoid the whitish things. However, I went with alba. She isn't having the best of her days, so I could watch how this meeting was nurturing my friend, and that's welcomed. Is Adriana so positive all the time? Was she acting? Don't know. Yet, she sure knows how to move those toes. (Since ever, I have always trained my toes to do things..Of course I'm just a newbie compared to that woman). Another question, why does she keep referring to herself as Adriana, instead of using I or me... I bet, she's brilliant enough to have discovered the meme advantage or maybe she has a disassociation disorder which explains the optimism... Though, it was reinvigorating to hear her. She attempted to draw Life. Some people said it was a bug, a cockroach... I always saw the cat and the bug (she trickly tried to sketch), she came with a cheap, it's whatever you like it, as far as you don't see just a spot.
And finally a work of art, in progress. As you may have noticed, I'm pretty fond of quotes, of certain phrases and the like. So instead of just dumping them here far and between... I open the Current Grimoire. That's a very personal project, but hey I want to share and here your opinions. Maybe a website would be better, maybe a wiki, but for now, that's more than enough. I hope you enjoy it and maybe contribute to it via comments/suggestions. I plan it to be my world philosophy written down in a simple way.
This entry is marked by the Art major arcana, 14th, if you haven't seen it.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hoping you don't find this arrogant, I'll tell my situation. Here's the deal, there's one lady that has a crush on me, the problem is I only want friendship with her, specialy since the girl which I come to like, comes to be the best friend :S No, I'm not in a rated-B sitcom, well maybe I am, but I want that situation to end in my favor. When I said she has a crush I mean in the sense of a girl who actually pulls my hair in the bus (that's when I decided something has to happen, soon). She's a nice girl, but I enjoy spending time with her friend... what should I do... no, I know what I should do (talk to her)... just don't know the appropiate words. Don't want to hurt.

And yes, maybe I'm overreacting, and she is just being polite... except that I'm not the only one perceiving it. What does she (and by that, I refer to the one who makes the day shine) think?

Anyway, I'll be honest, as usual, truth shall make us free.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Yesterday was kinda split, I do enjoyed it, and yet a part of me was in another place in a what-if universe... What would have been if things had gone other way, if she had say yes. I constantly backed that thought off. So at the end I won, lots of laughs, lots of hugs, lots of photos and a good night.
Things to remember there are two. One is a check. One is a bless??
As usual, I was precise on time at the church. For those you don't remember, yesterday a good friend, el Tío, married by the law of their god. People still find it strange that I go to that kind of festivity (instead of just arriving to the party). I go there for a simple reason. That's the moment they cherish most. It is not about what I believe in that point, is about them, what itsymbolizee to them. The thing about me always giving some coins after the Mass, well, that's another story, a pact, if you wish to call it. Anyway, the interesting bit was two phased. In the first scene, I'm there with frank and pillo. Then the priest ask us to kneel down. I didn't, usually not everybody does, so I thought, it won't be seen so rude. Yet frank these guys started asking, kneel, kneel. I had to say no. People around noticed, the mask was over, one could say. Of course I didn't sang neither did I prayed the "Our Father". And here's where the second phase entered. I was standing still, with a respectful position. Arms behind my back, head straight front. One hand holding the wrist of the other, you know what I'm talking. And suddenly I start feeling tickles. Or maybe you could call it, ants. Thousand of them marshalling through my left open hand. Have you ever felt electricity running through your arm? I have, twice, it was similar but not the same. That current was felt up to half my bicep. I started feeling it when they sang the prayer, and it fall when they ended, leaving a small white noise behind. I know I know, too much julio and james sounding like...Butt I wouldn'tsuppresss it from the blog. Don't know what was that. I could go by a cheap "my arm blood pressure dropped when I held my wrist. And it fall by the mixed causes, of blood reaching equilibrium and myself knowing that if it was some kind of 'spiritual energy' it would cease by the end of the chant". But no. I won't.
The other thing is a merry moment. As a group, we decided to give a special present to saúl. We couldn't make our minds of anything better that giving him money, why, because that thing about getting married has just one constant, it punishes the wallet and big. However we did a special thing to that unimaginative gift, we gave it, in the form of a huge check. Just as what you have seen in the tv. A check so big it was carried by two. In the lower corner, there was the list of all of us. I hope to get the photo soon and post it here.

ps. should I get a signature?