Monday, October 02, 2006

RandomWebComic 14
Panel 1
I have to quit Magic...

Panel 2
(close up of Will's face)
(Voice in off)Adam
...I wasn't myself. Was a beast...

Panel 3
6/6 with Trample!

Gleancrawler ¬.¬

Someone stop me...

ps. Notice that I already gave it a name... RWC...
My grandma came to visit us. When I was born, I was her first grandson, from her first son, that kinda gives away the reason she felt in love with that chunk of meat, that eventually comes to be me. Once, back then, I'm walking through Chapultepec with she. Wood chairs, small fighting rings, sugar cottons. There's a tianguis down there, you know. Besides my parents that's probably the grown-up I like the most. We are a family of four, my mamma, my pop, my grandma and me. I'm always curious and full of questions, Why's are my favorite.
Grandma, you that are so intelligent and knows everything, what's the name of that plant?
Up until this day, that's the phrase she cherishes the most. Likes to tell that story. About those times when I was younger and thought she knew everything.