Thursday, September 16, 2004

Hi my fellow readers (yes I'm talking to you three). I'm breaking the fourth wall in an effort to be more friendly... Who am I fooling? There are only two of you, and I do this because I can. I have time to write, but not much to write about...

Yesterday I went home at around 18:30. It wasn't a fluid or pleasant experience, for it was full of traffic all the way to my little apartment. I really like when it rains (and when it's complicated, although I know... :) Anyway, imagine my frustration when the road was moving about 30 km/hr at most. And it occurred that there was a lot of sun (which gifted us with a huge rainbow, btw). So my car was a bit too hot for my comfort. Every now and then I could advance a couple of meters, so my legs were against moving any further after the hour passed. The good news is that I'm by now an expert with Lucy. The first week it would've been suicidal to be there... I learnt the hard way to have a couple of CD's to enjoy my road. I had time to carefully watch like 3 different kinds of rains. The huge-bottom drop kind, which is a blast, jeje. It's kinda funny driving with them. I imagined that it wasn't water... jeje. There's also the needle ones, they are quite annoying if you need to walk without protection, but in a car, they seem elegant. Your vision is smooth, and they easily run along your windows. The last group is what I call "water-falling". Yes, I know, I'm a genius. These don't have much of anything, they aren't heavy-loaded, nor swift, they just are boring 'raindrops keep falling' from the sky.

So I went home, and connected to work; and then I realized that I needed some sleep, how about an hour or two... Next thing I recall happens at 3:30. What I did was what any normal guy would do, wake up and go to the computer, think for a second, I could work now, turn off the computer and go for 3 more hours of dreams. =)

For the record I did re-continue my dream, it wasn't any special so I won't put it here.