Saturday, November 05, 2005

I got wasted, hard and deep wasted. Other times I had been drunk, but this time was different, I had two hours of my life not remembered. So I decided I will stop consuming alcohol for a time. And then I'll drink with much more control about mixing beverages. Allan tells me the last part of the party, I was the center of entertainment. You know, the look-how-drunk sort of jokes. Allan says, people enjoyed the night, so at least I didn't went crying-wasted or aggressive or some other disgusting kind. So I have just two things I wish it hadn't occurred. One is the memory thing, the other, well, that I'll keep to myself. Though I will cause ripples, so people may notice. All in all it was a merry night. It was a happy conclusion to another process, one I got for two days. The hermit path. Before explaining a bit more about that, I need to say. I'll apologize to alba, Victor, Mastachi and all others just in case, there's something else my mind decided to omit. (By the way, those two hours I worshipped the porcelain idol... So nothing really important was lost or so he says.)

So I at last got vacations, and what did memo did with those two days. I went to a cave. A desert. To the strange path of being alone in an ocean of persons. The first day I promised to myself not to turn on the PC at all. No internet for one day. It was hard. Those days I spent in the streets. Drove to chapultepec, parked the car and got lost. A coin aided in the way to ensure "randomness". Ended up in the Expiatorio. Weird. So I was a bit tired of walking, magnificent view despite it. I entered the place, it why were there so many people (~30), can't say. And there I did a funny thing. Give KR to the altar, well really to the place where the wafers are supposed to be. You know, the Jesus body thing. I sure felt something. The usual current backfiring. (I have to tell you, this wasn't the first time I tried KRing for the JudeoChristian god. So I wasn't completely surprised.) Keep wondering why it feels that way, that different than when KRing to any other thing... This time a my hands started to sweating much. Don't remember every sweating by the hands, except once for a girl. Anyway, I stayed there for 45 minutes, though I thought only fifteen were. Just in case you reader think otherwise, at this point I'm still atheist ;) Then I went to comicastle to see if Fables arrived. All the way up to there, I spent KRing for any living thing I encountered. I know, it sounds creepy, it was just a thing I had to do. After CC I sat in the corner of La Paz and Chapultepec, a nice place to just stare to the multitude. Had two casual talks with stangers. Nice experience if you ask me. The night was looming over so I decided to call that a day. Went straight to a walmart and bought a mirror. A full body size one. I guess that would make diana smirk. I reasoned, since there's no target date for my moving out, why not start getting the things I want beforehand. I did other strange things those days, but I suspect I will tell you about them in due time, when they materialize. No point in telling about yetzirah.

ps. "Hey you! Yeah you... Don't you wish you were sexy, single and rich... Like moi... HA! ;)" I like that msn nickname. Taken from Claudia a friend I hadn't seen in eight years and which I recently reencountered thanks to david. Life's Good. (Incidentally, I'm not branding LG :P) Give me a break.