Saturday, July 28, 2007

I don't know why but my last dream was heavily based around multiple realities. To be honest, I slept a couple of hours longer than I should, just to see how the story would develop. I feel kind of guilty and stupid for this. I mean, who dreams about stories where you aren't anywhere there? Maybe writers, I hope so. I feel guilty because all these marvels are mine alone, and I think a friend or two would enjoy them (maybe precisely because these dreams aren't about me :P).

Pardon me for not narrating this and instead dissect it. Someone once said a good storyteller avoids facts at all, romance, feelings, that's the stuff you need to pour. Once again, that someone wasn't real so who cares :P

This story starts with a guy, which incidentally resembles me (don't blame me for recycling sprites), who had an interesting childhood (there the resemblance breaks down). As a child he was visited by his future self. In an attempt to improve himself he gave the boy fifteen index cards. All the tips, data and knowledge he would need to be "better". You know the drill. "What advice would I tell my younger self?" Well, this is what might happen. What he didn't foresee was a simple problem. That boy aged to be successful without learning. He never really grow up. In a sense he was kind of retarded. He trusted his cards more than anyone could say. Only his nearest friends would know about it. Future-no-more-real self wasn't so egotist, so he made also cards for his friends. That made marvels as well for his friends, except they weren't so tempted to absolutely trust those devices. In a sense, they got the bonus without the handicap. All this is just the setting, how about complications, isn't? It's amazing to know as a flash all this things. Anywho, the story continues by some friends worried about the immature protagonist. Many things happens proving they have a point, but he is afraid. Later I, the expectator, come to realize a terrible truth. Flashback. That future-no-more-real self made 2 visits, not 1. He gave himself a sixteen card that no one should ever know about it. He was supposed to read it and destroy it, once he grew up. I guess it was the safety belt. Now you see that future guy wasn't so dumb, isn't? Well he was, I'm sorry. The kid grew, but never got to quite the intended destination. So grew up impatient to read that card. In there it was described how he will die! A mature person with this knowledge would have come up with "hey, now I know I'm immortal until that moment!"; he wasn't, so he went terrified of his destiny. The hero who should be, wouldn't.
Wow. Someone else besides me thinks it's better than what I would have come up awake? I'm fan of my dreams. I accept that :P Anywho, the problem was worse. That puny incident was a fatal error in a beyond reason strategy. It comes out, that guy was a soldier in a war to be. Fantasy would be in battle with Science Fiction some time in the future. The prize would be the human mind. I'm sorry, I can't stop being meta. So fantasy agents were the guys who gave the power to meet his younger self. That's why all this sounded a bit as a tell tale. All this needing an almost moral was a must. Am I making sense? This means, all this sad story was really a trick! For gaining one soldier, which one day would be decisive in a battle.
That was when myself was on the verge of awakening, but I felt insulted so I forced myself to keep me in story mode. No one messes with my head, I thought. Somehow my mind threaded a solution. Finally, SF got its share of the boy! What they did (their mutant agents) was recycle time. They setup a day that never ends. So the buy would experience in one day, what he should in all those years. Every day it started the same way, only he would remember that day had already happened. He got the chance to experiment outcomes. I think, that's clever. The loop ended when he was mature again. That won't make SF won the war, but at least it's a fair competition again. I wish I could know what will follow... =)

Editorial remark: I don't know why my mind made Fantasy the "bad guy". Maybe it's only I know that deception is more natural to it.
I don't trust myself to ever really nail video games so I might as well disclose my 2 games I would love to develop for my tablet pc. Maybe one day I will surprise myself. One can dream. Here I gladly present you from albeit-doable-never-made: Solomon's Key chain and White Pepper.

SKC is an RPG. You are the young but not wise Solomon, in his tender years. This is the story not told but vaguely referred in legends. Here's where you hunt djinns & ifrits; catch them all :P To do that you need to be wise and cunning as these creatures are fairly lethal in their bad mood. You do this by geomancy. You come up to learn some basics principles but in the end it's up to you to design swift seals :P Can you visualize it? Demon circles trapping them. I know, I know, I will get accused of promoting demonism... that deserves another space. Anyway, I would need to learn a lot to do it. It would be a challenge both in the creative/story/mysticism side and the implementation one. Imagine trying to quickly signal the fire sigil. Of course, I won't settle for a dumb monsters fighting... I would make them have certain intelligence, but more important, there's a culture I need to express. How does semigods react to a puny mortal trying to hunt them down? It would be a hard game to balance, to keep it fun!

WP is much more simple. Primordially it's about origami. It's not even a game, but a toy. WP would be a way to make paper simulation. I know it may sound boring, but a rubik cube is kind of dull to many. :P WP is two-fold (pun intended). One is the contest. See this model, learn how to do it! The other is, imagine you playing with paper with infinite undos :D Again, implementation isn't obvious. How can you model folding paper realistically. I'm aiming for "once you learn it here, you can craft it!".

Yes, you need a tablet pc for what I'm thinking ;) If anyone actually develops them, I'm asking for a free copy :D

Friday, July 27, 2007

A reader told me, he feels as if I didn't cared much for my blog. It's not the case, it's only I'm crossing through a weak period in my life. My energies are in other planes. I wish the answer could be as simple as if the new plane were the romantic one. It isn't. It's a good portion, but the main cause it's bitter, my work is draining my life energy. Luckily, somehow I got some friends here and there so I may jump to a better situation soon. I just wish it could be faster. I won't become a whining man. With time the sun will arrive...


It comes as no surprise... I mean tons of dreams back this up.

Find your Celestial Choir

The strange thing is that in my dreams I no longer hunt demons, but fight angels :P I'm a neutral agent now!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

NAQ #12 Why do you name your possesions?
I don't do it. What I do is I look and comprehend it. The name is born of what I understand. Most of the time, there's nothing. Therefore it has no name.

Anyway, welcome to Artemisa(tabletpc) and Fanny(DS), my new girls. You will play along Lucy, Bast(PC) and Larissa(iPod). Larissa may be a bit jealous of Fanny, though she shouldn't worry. Larissa is too geeky, and I will listen to her no matter what...

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