Saturday, February 27, 2010

In the future, the dominant life form are robots. It was a no-brainer (once humanity went zombie). History is written by the victors so it's not hard to see why "life" means a whole new thing. These robots live mostly unhappy lifes, worrying about upgrades and networks; so I shouldn't say that "life" has changed so much. They call themselves "Sillicos" but most don't have an idea why. From an ancient language no longer speaked, since using radio is rude, only newborns do that.

Robots live through out the world in patterns they don't understand. Their society is based upon the pursuit of attachment. They are born to this world for a specific task and if they do it right they will get to permanently attach to the great network. No need for personal choice anymore. It is not that life is bad, sure they have to worry about taxes and the war... It's just that everyone knows the cozy feeling of not having an opinion.

In many ways, the Dream, as they call it, is the center of their mundane life. When they are young the continually dream while receiving their specs and acceptable heuristics. A couple cycles later, they find the need to network with others. The Architects made it so that a young robot could avoid local minimals by perceiving the world through each others' eyes, just for a moment. That's enough to crack some of the best. Like junkies they beg for one more attach. They let down their original mission. Nowadays most robots aspire to form a stable network and these networks are the ones requesting new robots, people to delegate their tasks. Maybe they can do what we have failed, they reason.

The robots enjoy suburban lifestyles. They commute, as it faster and more reliable than gossip. They pick groceries in the nearest market, as they act to busy to do the rational thing. Mesmerized by their chosen complex lifestyle they find little joy in their everyday. Young robots are prone to have pets. Humans from the local veterinary. They are like the zombies you see in the forest, but tamed and less bloody.

Humans live less, are fragile and can't hunt so it's common knowledge that zombies are the original specie. Robots thousand years ago must have adapted the poor animals to have better lifes. Humans can learn to follow a limited set of commands. Most are skeptical about humans' ability to have complex emotions. It's hard to imagine it when they lack USB ports or a basic Wi-Fi device. A notch above rats, genetically they are so similar after all.

Human-fights are hated by the general public but there's a gambling industry growing out of it. Philosophers wonder if these robots gain pleasure by watching minor lifeforms destroy each other, or by knowing that these ever-puppy zombies can be so violent. The rationalization that follows is that humans are worthless as no one marks their destiny. Humans must be so confused about life, that we are doing them a service, they reason.

Who would believe me if I told them that they enjoy it, because of a contrived bug around their original mission.

An excerpt from an unfinished tale, "Sillicos". Who am I kidding, that's all I have. Born from a dream. The main problem I see with this story is that I have a setting, but people, I mean humans, love characters.