Monday, March 26, 2007

Farewell James. Life has a way of speaking. It teaches that once a friend goes to live to another city: A) you don't see him ever again and B) The world is flat. That in any other realm would be a paradox. Then again, a man never bathes twice on the same river. I wish him a great life if life goes A. Though if I have to be one hundred percent honest, I wish him an interesting life. One where he goes out of his caul. I respect his choice and all, but I'm his friend. That gives me the benefit of wishing him a better life, a better himself. He, probably, won't ever listen this unasked quote but "Life is too important to take it serious".

Anyway, this entry is for you pal. Not a critic but a "hey, my life will change with your departure". Don't want to sound like a mourn, it isn't. Have I need to talk about who is james, I've say:

He is strange. As all my good friends must be. He is shy and well grounded on his way of life. He is stubborn and has an inner paradox akin to julio and myself. Has a great urge to be kind. His my friend for many things. Among the multiples reasons, he is the guy to whom I can freely roam about rpg, sci-fi and alternative paradigms. He is the guy with whom I have fiercely compete of wod books :D He is the guy go sent me to HUE... wait that's not positive... Anyway, he is one of these fellows I would trust to live with if we were to create a tribe :P


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