Saturday, January 06, 2007

One of my latest projects revolve around "Making a Universe". People misunderstand. As much as I'd love it, it ain't a MMORPG. And never will be. It exists because I've got a theory. If you can make one, you'll understand quite more this. Anyway, I'm exploring. Any mathematical sound model exist as much as the universe. Don't remember the mathematician who said that. So, don't want to break dreams, there aren't dragons here. Not yet.
Started simple. Just make a universe where nothing is possible. It's boring, I know. So what's next? One where I could be. So created space. Didn't mention time, 'cause couldn't figure a universe without it. Here unexpected things happen. Can't do a Newtonian universe! It's easier to have time-space relative. It ain't Euclidean. It's just a network, a connected graph. You see, I'm trying to do low-end physics. I wonder with excitement where will I end up! For now my universe is isotropic. Meaning, no preference in direction. I can't discriminate a place from another, not per se. It's a quantitative universe. Just like what I get of QM. I see it as plank scale, anyway. However, the thing is, I'm striving for reality AND locality!!
To any one not familiar with physics... Current theory has a problem. Either we are real or there's causality. Maybe none exist. Reread it. It is philosophy to many. Science to a few. there is a moon when no one sees it... or there's some super-luminal activity. And I'm doing UT of all this!! It's awesome.
How can you prove there's reality? By having classes, chunks of memory representing things. And locality?? That's tough. Yet simple. Demeter's law! And testing against it. Incidentally that's how I implemented the well-known c. In my universe, nothing can happen faster. Notice I have yet to implement any force: gravity or EM. Could create a field with in space called "mass". I won't! See where I'm going? Higgs field. Our universe has the strange fact of having Time asymmetrical. I'll struggle with it. Somehow. Again, we have the tendency to have as much inertia as mass. It won't be hard coded! And I can continue...
What do I want to achieve? An algorithm for existence. Unit tested! Would it have any merit? Dunno. It isn't my place to judge. I'm here for the joy. And it is in Ruby!

Life's good! =)

Friday, January 05, 2007

I'm going to have a lengthy and detailed talk about science to some folks. Because it's my duty and 'cause I'm tired of people misusing words. Don't take me wrong, I believe words mean anything you want as long as it let you and me understand each other. Gay meant happy once... and now must people I socialize with, doesn't know that. So I'm stuck with. Yet, problem arise when people think they are using the right word on all contexts. So for instance I'm talking about physics and some Joe trying to be clever inserts "but we all know that the order of factors doesn't alter the product". It's the problem of dumbing down science. They forget the most important thing, each word without CONTEXT is just sound in the wind.

So what topics should I cover?
Important concepts tainted by "New Age"-esque terminology:
  • dimension
  • energy
  • force
  • QM
  • Uncertainty Principle
  • evolution
Words they think they know:
  • science
  • theory
  • principle
  • law
  • experiment
  • probability
  • statistics
Words they should know:
  • falsifiability
  • subconscious
  • double blind experiments
Phrases to torn apart:
  • the order of factors doesn't alter the product
  • that's an aberration, it's devolution!
  • we are the peak in evolution
  • guided evolution
Phrases to engrave:
  • People do mistakes
  • No matter how much you want it, it isn't true just because you like the result
  • People forget. They ain't recording
  • We aren't the center of the universe
  • Order arises naturally in any system
Maybe it's too much content... If any reader, could you tell me any missing concept I should address?
I'm Feliz, and have been that way for most of my grown-up life. As a child I was also, but I didn't knew it. I just didn't thought it was necessary to call it a name. There was a part in my youth, when I discovered it wasn't the usual way for most. Got intrigued. During adolescence I got mixed up and thought maybe I wasn't happy after all. Maybe it is something one has to fight for. Of course now I know better, being happy it's as easy as going back to kansas. Yes I know many must meet funny friends before getting it. But there's nothing wrong with being in kansas all the time. Yet, many feel that unless the world sends you to a strange yellow road, you can't go to kansas! How strange. The reason behind, I suppose, is that they live in a world where life is a huge school. Poor fellows. If you like learning as myself, great. But life isn't about anything. Get over it. If you learn something in the middle of the road, great, but it ain't the purpose. You can do worse than enjoy it. Anyway, there was a time when I was shy of actually telling that I'm Feliz, basically for fear of hurting the guys around me who aren't. On another post I should comment about a conversation with allan about it. So I'm not used to talking about it, except with people who are also. It's kind of easy to see who is, and who is pretending. No, there's no secret club, and the illuminati doesn't exist, and I'm not part of it :P
So what changed? That julio told me there's no such thing as true Felicidad! WTF. That's where I draw the line. And I blame religion for that bad BAD idea. For making my friends believe themselves puppets. For promising joys, and bringing just remorse & guilt. For making them treason themselves as they get to worship death above life, an invisible perfection above humanity. For being a path to despair that teaches the world is evil instead of awesome. For they start to believe in distrusting their brothers, for they are "sinful". For they have to rupture ties with all magnificent life. And so on and on. Life is much more than you could ever imagine, if you let yourself out of death cults. If only I could show you. And no, I'm not any less Feliz, because I can't open your eyes. It's your path and it would be a mistake to force feed you any idea. Forever free, we are all, irremediably free. =)