Friday, July 22, 2005

Uhm, I got some time and want to know. Let's see if you have figured me .

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Not so much has happened since last time, that's why I haven't wrote here. I pretend to keep a high mark of what to post here... Anyway, I feel good in general, last Sunday I found via Julio, that my effort to improve my look is at last having a visible effect. For instance, yesterday, I went to Felix's good-bye party and when we greeted each other he said "I didn't recognized you at first, with that new jovial look" and about fifteen minutes later, another guy which I haven't seen in a year or so, repeated, "hey you look great". Of course it, it's tons of time better when a girl says it. Today, I got to lunch with my mother and her employees. There was a girl and I could sense she liked me. Oh yes, as if there were a neon signal, blinking... It was fun to taunt her. She has a boyfriend though... Anyway, I think I'm again in the state where I can tell, my body is ok, all that stands between me and a girl is that mess named my mind. Which is good news, running 10k was sort of a training I guess. On a peripheral note, I got myself a new shiny cellphone. Yet what really surprised me wasn't that I got a fair price, it was that I got to chat with another girl in the middle of the shop (no, she wasn't trying to sell me a phone, she was shopping as myself). Of course I didn't realized it in the moment, while joking to her. I was walking to see my mother when suddenly I remembered and yelled to myself "what was all this? When did you start talking to girls in malls? Joking?" C'est la vie. =)

p.s. Tomorrow I'll go to the nutriologist, I hope he can help me with a diet and provide me a fit exercise program...