Wednesday, February 14, 2007

So what's the point of having a blog and not posting about a girlfriend?? Well, basically, this blog isn't a synopsis of my life. So sorry, I didn't post about it, because the blog is a complement of my life. Like vitamins, for those who don't get enough Memo :P Doesn't substitute living in my world... Anyway. The news was schedule to be released on Julius Party! And was a blast!

This post was planned to be more informative, but I'm in no mood. San Valentine won't be what was expected...

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

I got outta bathroom. And there was a bee. Walking on circles. I admit it, my first reaction was to look at it, as an omen. What should I do? I felt its pain. Yet, I don't like to hurt. Pondered for 30 seconds. As long as I was thinking the bee was entering some kind of shock. Upside-down. I reversed it. Tried to see if it could fly. How did it enter the place? Waves of pain I felt from that little animal. Astray.

I believe in euthanasia.

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